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Brock Lesnar has never shied away from beating up non-wrestlers.

5 times Brock Lesnar went too far with non-wrestlers in WWE

Subtlety goes out the window when "The Beast" Brock Lesnar goes into rage mode, and that's when both wrestlers and non-wrestlers should just run.

Throughout his time in WWE, Lesnar has become a World Champion 10 times and won the Royal Rumble twice. Additionally, he has been in five WrestleMania main events. The point is that he is a highly-decorated superstar who has achieved success that aspiring wrestlers dream of.


Despite all the glitz and glory, there have been moments when things didn't go Brock Lesnar's way. To say that the 45-year-old icon didn't handle those moments gracefully would be an understatement. In his fits of rage, he has even laid his hands on talent who weren't active competitors.

That said, let's take a look at five non-wrestling WWE personalities who had to endure The Beast's wrath.

#5. F-5ing Paul Heyman through a table at WWE SummerSlam 2022

Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns' seven-year-long rivalry came to a thunderous end at SummerSlam 2022. They collided in a grueling Last Man Standing match, which saw The Tribal Chief pulling out all the stops to keep The Conqueror down for a 10 count.


But Roman Reigns wasn't the only talent Brock Lesnar had to face in the aforementioned match. He had his hands full with the entire Bloodline, including his former advocate, Paul Heyman.

Having been betrayed by Heyman earlier in the year, The Beast was in no mood to get played again. So, when The Wise Man decided to get involved in the match to buy his client some time to recover, The Anomaly sent him crashing through the announce table with an F-5.

In order to sell the long-overdue beatdown, the 57-year-old remained off TV for more than a month.

#4. Wrecking a referee following his elimination from the Men's Royal Rumble of 2023

Brock Lesnar attacking referee Eddie Orengo at WWE Royal Rumble 2023.

The men's edition of the 2023 Royal Rumble match was packed with numerous memorable moments. One such moment came in the aftermath of Brock Lesnar's elimination at the hands of his arch-nemesis, Bobby Lashley.

After getting tossed over the top rope, the Saskatchewan-based powerhouse threw a chaotic temper tantrum across the ringside area. He attacked Baron Corbin, who was making his way to the ring, before being confronted by multiple referees and agents.

The Beast Incarnate then decided to leave and let the match continue without any hurdles. However, before his exit, he went off-script by laying his hands on referee Eddie Orengo and sending him over the barricade.

The unplanned spot resulted in Orengo's involvement in the rest of the 30-man bout getting cut short.

#3. Laying Michael Cole out with an F-5

Never forget when Brock Lesnar F5'd Michael Cole out of his shoe

At WrestleMania 31, Seth Rollins pulled off the heist of the century and walked away as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Brock Lesnar, the man Seth Rollins snatched the title from, made it crystal clear that he didn't want to wait for his rematch. Thus, a match between the two took place on the RAW after Mania. However, it soon fell apart when The Architect fled the scene, leaving the ringside area at the mercy of a furious behemoth.

Lesnar soon started taking out everyone in his path, and in doing so, he got his hands on Michael Cole. After stopping the veteran announcer from escaping the scene, The Beast tossed him into the ring.

Following that, he delivered a vicious F-5 to Cole, much to the crowd's delight.

#2. Beating up Adam Pearce after getting suspended

The Beast Brock Lesnar F5 Adam Pearce for Suspended Him. #SmackDown

At WWE SummerSlam 2021, Brock Lesnar debuted a new look with a beard, man-bun, and a cowboy hat. He didn't take long to let everyone know that he had only altered his presentation, not his ways.

He immediately inserted himself into a feud with then-Universal Champion Roman Reigns. As their rivalry progressed, so did the 2002 King of the Ring winner's path of destruction.

To restore order, WWE Official Adam Pearce decided to suspend Lesnar on the October 22, 2021 edition of SmackDown. However, Pearce would soon realize that he had made a big blunder when he received not one, but two F-5s in the middle of the ring.

It was also during this attack that Pearce accidentally ripped his pants. Then-color commentator Pat McAfee brought up this tiny detail to highlight the fact that Lesnar was seeing red.

#1. Welcoming Dominik Mysterio to WWE RAW, the 'Brock Lesnar' way

Going to prison may have made Dominik Mysterio an unstoppable force, but it wasn't his first date with hard times.


On September 30, 2019, Dominik attended the season premiere of Monday Night Raw to support his dad, Rey Mysterio. At the time, the crown jewel of The Judgment Day wasn't an in-ring talent. But that didn't stop Brock Lesnar from welcoming him to Suplex City.

For no good reason, the two-time Royal Rumble winner jumped Rey Mysterio before dragging his son over the barricade. He rammed Dominik into the ring post, slammed him onto the hard floor, and then sent him into the ring to deliver a series of bone-crushing suplexes.

But the mayhem didn't stop even after The Beast had knocked the father-son duo out cold. He stuck around for a while and scared away anyone trying to help The Mysterios.

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