WWE's Head of Creative Triple H was once involved in this crazy match stipulation

5 WWE match stipulations that you may have forgotten

WWE’s creative may have concocted every match stipulation imaginable, as most of them were crowd pleasers. There are so many of these matches that some may hardly be remembered by fans.

These matches are often the culmination of storylines where the WWE Universe doesn’t have any clue about how it will end. These stipulations vary as they can be grimly serious, comedic, and on some rare occasions otherworldly.


The exciting part about these matches is the part where the losing party is on the receiving end of what was agreed upon prior to the fight. This never fails to get a huge reaction from the crowd.

Here’s a throwback to some WWE match stipulations that fans may have already forgotten.

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#5. The Cast Match stipulation between WWE Superstars The Rock and Triple H


The storyline here is that Triple H broke The Rock’s arm back in June of 1999. Unfortunately for The Cerebral Assassin, Stone Cold Steve Austin took over as WWE’s new CEO, and to evenly settle the score between the two, Austin pitted them in a so-called Cast Match.


Come fight night, The Rattlesnake ordered Triple H to wear a leg cast. He came out limping to the ring as he was accompanied by Chyna. Austin sure did take the Handicap Match to another level with this one.

The Rock had the upper hand for most of the bout. The Undertaker – who was then part of the Corporate Ministry storyline and was present during the match – interfered, resulting in The Game’s disqualification... in a no-disqualification match.

#4. Kiss My A** Match


As the name suggests, the loser of this type of match will have to do some smooching to the victor’s bare behind, though most of the time it is right between the butt cheeks.

WWE’s Attitude Era saw several of these matches, the most infamous being the SummerSlam 1999 bout between The Rock and Billy Gunn, which The Brahma Bull won.

A couple of years prior (also at SummerSlam), both Stone Cold Steve Austin and Owen Hart were involved in a similar match stipulation. Unfortunately, this was also the match when Austin suffered his horrific neck injury. Despite him winning the match, the injury overshadowed whatever impact the stipulation might have had.

The match re-emerged at 2015’s Extreme Rules, where current WWE Superstars Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler took part in the aforementioned match stipulation. Rebranded as "Kiss Me Arse", the match was won by Ziggler, but The Celtic Warrior launched an attack that left a knocked-out Ziggler kissing Sheamus’ behind.


#3. WWE RAW Roulette

Here, it is the roulette that decides what type of stipulation will be applied before the match. The wheel has indeed delivered some out-of-this-world bouts into the ring. One of them was the Las Vegas Showgirls match.

Former WWE Superstars William Regal and Goldust took part in this unusual match. The latter had no problems donning showgirl attire whereas the former had to be dragged out from the backstage area.

Goldust had an early lead with an opening salvo of shots before Lance Storm interfered. Little did he know that Regal had brought his ever-reliable brass knuckles, and the Englishman knocked Goldust cold for the 1-2-3.

#2. The Hog Pen Match

Triple H entered this list anew, and this time, it was for The Hog Pen match.

Deemed to be an iteration of a typical mud match, this stipulation would make its competitors go at it inside a pig pen. This took place at WWE’s In Your House 5 in 1995 as the current head of creative battled Henry O. Godwinn.


The objective of this WWE match stipulation is to be the first combatant to throw the other wrestler inside the pig pen, which The Game successfully did. However, Godwinn grabbed him and slammed him into the mud mixed with swine droppings.

#1. Loser Eats Dog Food match stipulation

This is the most recent match stipulation on this list and could also be the most disgusting entry.

It took place during an episode of WWE SmackDown in January 2020 as Baron Corbin, alongside Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler, faced The Usos and Roman Reigns. This was Reigns and his pre-Bloodline teammates returning the favor to Corbin after he and his lackeys had previously bathed Roman with dog food.

Reigns and his cousins went on to win the match, and the dread and disgust on Corbin’s face was very much evident when he was drenched in that sloppy canine treat. It sure was a messy and smelly finale for the blue brand at the time.

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