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There are some interesting godparents on the WWE roster

5 WWE stars you didn't know were godparents to fellow wrestlers' children

Wrestlers spend a lot of their time on the road when they are working for WWE full time, which means that not only do many relationships begin but also lasting friendships are created.


These are the kinds of friendships that last long after their wrestling career has come to an end and it means that many wrestlers have made the decision to allow these stars to look after their children if anything happens to them.

It's a special moment when someone believes that you would be the perfect godparent to their child and it appears that many current and former WWE stars have turned to the friends that they made when they were part of the business to ensure that their child is looked after.

One name that doesn't appear on this list is Dominik, of course, it's well known that the late, great Eddie Guerrero was made the godfather of Rey Mysterio's oldest child, but it appears that WWE thinks that the WWE Universe has forgotten this since Cain Velasquez has been known as his godfather in recent months.

#5. Shelton Benjamin is the godfather to Brock Lesnar's daughter Mya


Not many members of the WWE Universe are aware of how close Shelton Benjamin and Brock Lesnar actually are. The duo first met in college and at one point Benjamin even coached The Beast Incarnate when it came to amateur wrestling. The two stars then started their career in WWE as tag team partners and were even roommates at the time. Benjamin even let Lesnar stay in his parents' basement when he was out of money.

The two men were so close at one point that when Brock Lesnar's girlfriend at the time Nicole McClain gave birth to their daughter Mya Lynn, Lesnar named Shelton as the godfather. Benjamin is also the godfather of Charlie Haas' daughter Kayla.

#4. Lita is the godmother of Trish Stratus' son Maximus


Trish Stratus retired from WWE back in September 2006 at Unforgiven in her hometown of Toronto, Canada, just days before she went on to marry her long-time boyfriend Ron. Stratus was then inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013 and she was able to announce as part of her induction speech that she and her husband were expecting their first child together.

Interestingly, Maximus was born on Trish Stratus' anniversary on September 30th, 2013 and after giving birth to her first child and working so hard to finally become pregnant, Stratus looked to her long time friend, rival and fellow wrestler Lita to be his godmother.

Stratus and Lita have been best friends ever since the duo feuded for the first time in a WWE ring and over the past decade whilst Stratus and Lita have been working on their careers outside of the ring, it's nice to see that the two women have found a way to remain as close as they always were.


#3. Rhyno is godfather to Vic Joseph's son

Did you know about the bond that these two share?

Vic Joseph worked his way up through the ranks in WWE from being the commentator on 205 Live to replacing Michael Cole on the company's flagship show last year when he was chosen as part of Raw's announce team following the WWE draft.

Interestingly, this was a move that only lasted a few months since Joseph was replaced by Tom Phillips the day after the Royal Rumble, but it proves that the company has high hopes for the commentator.

Since Joseph is still relatively unknown, it means that not many fans are aware that he and WWE legend Rhyno are quite close. Rhyno and Joseph met around seven years ago and it was Rhyno who helped him to make it to WWE, the duo have remained close throughout the past few years and Rhyno recently revealed that he was the godfather to Joseph's son.

"I don't know if you guys know the commentator, Vic Joseph, from WWE? I'm his kid's godfather. This is probably seven years ago now. He was in baseball. [He did a] really good job in baseball. [He] went to school in announcing and all that stuff, but his passion was in wrestling, and I [saw] that the guy would literally sit in his car for nine hours, one way, to drive to independent show. [He would] watch a show, pick my brain, and try to figure out the question he's asking me on his own. We put together a five-year plan, and he signed with WWE. When I first met the guy, I didn't like him. I thought he was a real a**hole," he said via WrestlingInc.

#2. Paul Heyman is the godfather of Brock Lesnar's sons, Turk and Duke

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar have been on-screen friends for years and it's easy to see why Heyman was the man to back Lesnar from the beginning. Right now Heyman is the Executive Director of Monday Night RAW, but at the same time, he is still resuming his duties as the Advocate for Brock Lesnar because the two are such good friends.

Lesnar and Heyman have been friends for almost two decades and are so closely connected that Heyman revealed that he keeps a picture of Lesnar's children in his wallet at all times. This could be because Heyman is, in fact, their godfather since Lesnar decided that he was the person that he wanted to look after his children if anything happened to him.

Lesnar's wife Sable gave birth to the couple's first child together back in 2009, a son called Turk. They later followed this up with another son called Duke in 2010 and Paul Heyman is the godfather to both of Lesnar's youngest children. As already mentioned, Shelton Benjamin is the godfather to his oldest daughter Mya.


#1. Braun Strowman is Bray Wyatt's son Knash's godfather


Bray Wyatt was one of the men who helped Braun Strowman kick start his main roster WWE career when he joined The Wyatt Family and it appears that the two men have remained close ever since.

Wyatt and his girlfriend, WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman welcomed their first child together back in May 2019 and called him Knash Sixx. Jojo had a bad time giving birth and her mother noted on her own Instagram that she thought she was going to lose her daughter, so it's no wonder the couple thought long and hard about who they wanted to be Knash's godparents.

Braun Strowman sent out a Tweet in the summer of last year that saw Knash backstage as part of The Raw Reunion where he was able to meet his godfather.

Strowman doesn't have any children of his own, but if his skills in the ring are anything to go by then Bray and Jojo made a fantastic choice when it comes to the man who will be there to look after their child if they are unable to.

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