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Trish Stratus


Family and Origin:

Trish Stratus grew up in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. From early in her life she had been

a huge fan of wrestling and wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. Trish Stratus’

modelling career caught the eye of the WWE and she was signed by them and sent to train

under Ron Hutchison. Trish Stratus made her debut in the company as the valet of the team

of Test and Albert, called team T & A.

Wrestling Beginnings:

Trish Stratus made her debut wrestling in a Tag Team Match with T & A against The Hardy

Boyz and Lita. This would eventually lead to a match with Lita in an Indian Strap Match.

Following this, Trish Stratus became a part of a storyline with WWE boss, Vince McMahon.

She became romantically involved with him while his wife was kayfabe institutionalised.

During this time, Stratus would also compete against Stephanie McMahon who wanted to

defend her mother’s honour. This led to Vince McMahon eventually turning on Stratus and

humiliating her.

Women’s Championships:

After her lacklustre beginnings, Trish Stratus would prove to the world that she could also

wrestle. She became the Women’s Champion and regularly competed against Lita, Jazz,

Victoria, Torrie Wilson, and Stacy Kiebler among others.

She would also develop on-screen romances with Jeff Hardy, Christian, and Chris Jericho.

Trish Stratus was the Women’s Champion an astounding 7-times in her career. At one point,

she even teamed with Lita.

Mickie James and semi-retirement:

As a veteran in the ring, Trish Stratus had an incredible feud with then-rookie Mickie James.

Possibly one of the most rivetting feuds of the early-WWE Women’s division, it solidified

James as a competitor and helped Stratus as well.

She won her seventh championship during this time and retired as Champion.

Since then she has made many part-time appearances, including her latest in 2018, where

she teamed with Lita at Evolution, and also competed in the Royal Rumble. Trish Stratus

was added to the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.

Trish Stratus WWE Achievements

WWE Hardcore Championship (1 time)
WWE Women's Championship (7 times)
Babe of the Year (2001–2003)
Diva of the Decade (2003)

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