7 mistakes WWE made on Raw before Wrestlemania 35 

  • WWE could have done better on Raw this week.
Modified 02 Apr 2019, 16:55 IST

The go-home show of Monday Night Raw before Wrestlemania 35 promised to be a stacked broadcast from end to end, as WWE had one more shot at hyping up the main feuds and narratives for the showcase of the immortals this weekend.


From all three Wrestlemania main eventers being in the same ring, to Kurt Angle wrestling his last ever match on Raw - how could this episode of Raw fail? Well, as much as fans want to appreciate everything WWE does, the creative team just can't seem to get all their booking decisions correct, and that leaves us with an uneven episode of Raw.

This week's edition of the flagship show was not terrible by any means, and if this was an episode of Raw on any other night of the year, it could have succeeded, but this is the last episode before Wrestlemania. The go-home show before Wrestlemania needs to be exhilarating, chaotic and most importantly, it must get you hyped up for the pay-per-view in a few days time. However, this week's episode of Raw did not achieve that goal.

#1 A Wasted Opportunity

WWE announced beforehand that Stephanie McMahon had a huge revelation to make on the flagship show this week, and you could be sure that it had something to do with the current situation of Wrestlemania's main event; in fact, many fans already knew what the announcement was going to entail.

McMahon came out at the start of the show to make her announcement which was related to the Women's Title triple threat match, and that there was an added stipulation of 'Winner Takes All'.


This means that the winner of the triple threat match at Wrestlemania will become the Undisputed Women's Champion - and everyone knows that the superstar who will achieve this accolade will be none other than Becky Lynch. But even with the stakes being raised, there is one big wasted opportunity in this entire narrative, and that is the exclusion of Asuka.

WWE squandered the perfect chance to rejuvenate Asuka 's career, and by including her in this feud, WWE could have truly made stars out of the four biggest women wrestlers in the industry right now at Wrestlemania. Even if Asuka was not included in the match, it would be fine, but at least have the former Women's Champion confront McMahon. That would set her up for an interesting inclusion at the event.

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Published 02 Apr 2019, 15:31 IST