CM Punk

CM Punk reveals what he thinks of Dominick's promo skills

  • CM Punk also stated that his promos will improve with time.
  • Punk hinted that the Rollins-Mysterio storyline will do well.
Abhilash Mendhe
Modified 03 Jun 2020, 11:39 IST

CM Punk made his return to FS1's WWE Backstage tonight. The former WWE Superstar shared his thoughts on the events that transpired on the latest edition of WWE RAW. Punk opened up on Dominick Mysterio's promo skills and said that he is a bit wooden at the moment.

CM Punk says Dominick's promos will improve with time


Punk added that Dominick will improve with the passage of time. Punk seemed to like how the storyline between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins is unfolding, and said that angles with a bad guy targeting a good guy's family are typically memorable.

Seth Rollins recently injured one of Rey Mysterio's eyes on RAW, by forcing it into the steel steps beside the ring. On the latest edition of RAW, Dominick had a message for Rollins. He berated him for his dastardly actions, and hinted that revenge was on the way. Immediately after the show came to an end, Rollins appeared on RAW Talk and had some interesting things to say about Dominick. Rollins praised Dominick and dropped a hint about possibly recruiting him in his faction in the near future.

The recent events have led to speculation among fans that Dominick is soon going to turn heel and join Rollins' faction. It would be interesting to see how Dominick fares on the main roster in the coming months.

Published 03 Jun 2020, 11:39 IST