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  • Did WWE botch the new women's championship on SmackDown? Major detail in design you may have missed!
Asuka being presented with the new WWE Women's Championship

Did WWE botch the new women's championship on SmackDown? Major detail in design you may have missed!

2023 has been full of changes and introductions in WWE. From crowning Seth Rollins as the World Heavyweight Champion to presenting Roman Reigns with the Undisputed Universal Championship, the company has brought in a lot of changes.

On the latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown, another change was made when Asuka was presented with a brand new title. It was also said that this new title will be called the WWE Women's Championship. While the title looked good, a key detail many fans could have missed was the fact that the title contained the words Women's Undisputed Championship.

The new WWE Women's Championship

The question that comes forward now is, did WWE botch this new title? The short answer to that would be no. Since Endeavor merged UFC and WWE, the latter is changing title designs and doing away with brand-specific titles.

Check out the new title Asuka was presented with:


This also means that next week on Monday Night RAW, we might see get a new title that won't be brand specific. For all you know, the company might give Ripley a new belt inspired by their iconic Divas Championship.


Asuka's new WWE title celebrations were interrupted by Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair was absent since WrestleMania 39

Times are indeed happy and fruitful for Asuka, who is enjoying a major run in her career. After defeating Bianca Belair to win the RAW Women's Championship, this week on Friday Night SmackDown, the Japanese wrestler was presented with her new belt.


Asuka's new title called for celebrations, but they were short-lived as Charlotte Flair interrupted and made her presence felt for the first time since WrestleMania 39. Upon entering the ring, Flair made her intentions to fight for the brand-new title clear.


While on-screen authority Adam Pearce told Flair she would have to wait in line, Asuka accepted Flair's challenge. Considering the two women have shared a storied history, fans should expect a great contest.

WWE Superstar Bianca Belair does not seem happy with recent developments

While Night of Champions brought Asuka the happiness she sought, it left Bianca Belair distraught. At the show, Belair lost her title to Asuka, which ended her record-setting run of 420 days with the title. The EST is yet to face Asuka for a rematch

This week on SmackDown, before Asuka was presented with the title, Belair was seen talking to Adam Peace. She was promised a rematch by Pearce if she promised not to interfere in the celebrations. However, the return of Flair has seemingly poured cold water on her aspirations.

It will be interesting to see how this segment goes forward from here. Will we see Bianca Belair and Charlotte Flair indulge in a one-on-one match, or will Asuka defend her title in a Triple Threat match? While nothing is clear yet, the future looks exciting.

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