Logan Paul, Drew McIntyre, and Roman Reigns

Drew McIntyre predicts the winner of Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul at WWE Crown Jewel

Drew McIntyre shared his prediction for Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul at WWE Crown Jewel 2022.

Logan Paul made his WWE in-ring debut at WrestleMania 38, where he teamed up with The Miz in a winning effort against Rey and Dominik Mysterio.


Paul is set to take on Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal title in Saudi Arabia on November 5th. This will be Logan Paul's third match in the company and first title match.

One of Reigns' rivals, Drew McIntyre, has his eyes set on the big match. The Scottish Warrior recently spoke with My SA and predicted that Reigns will smash Logan Paul at the Premium Live Event.

"Logan Paul has done a great job, but I don’t know about fighting for the titles. I think the titles should be reserved for people who worked up the card and put the time in. It will be a spectacle and Roman will smash him and people will talk about it. That is what it is all about, I guess," said Drew. [H/T My SA]


Roman Reigns doesn't think highly of his Crown Jewel opponent

The Tribal Chief had a heated face-off with Logan Paul at the Crown Jewel press conference.

It ended with Reigns pushing Paul and Triple H to come between the duo to make sure things didn't escalate. Speaking with Seconds Out, Roman Reigns had the following to say about Paul:

"When I'm sitting on the same stage and I hear some of that dumb sh*t spewed out [from Logan], of course, it's going to anger me, and things are going to pop off. At the same time, before he came here, no disrespect, I didn't know who he was. I'm not a 15-year-old little girl. I don't watch Logan Paul or any of the Paul/YouTube vlog people. That's not what I do."

Roman Reigns has smashed a long list of WWE greats over the past two years. He seems quite sure that he will come out of Crown Jewel with both the top titles on his shoulders. It remains to be seen how Paul will fare against Reigns when the duo finally face off.

What do you think? Will Paul manage to pull off the biggest upset in WWE history and end up defeating Reigns?

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