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  • 12-time WWE World Champion makes heartbreaking confession that his body has "shut down" on him; 25-26 surgeries have taken a toll
The legend has not had the best luck in the business

12-time WWE World Champion makes heartbreaking confession that his body has "shut down" on him; 25-26 surgeries have taken a toll

Wrestling can take a toll on anyone, especially someone who has worked some of WWE's hardest schedules in the past. Any top star would be put in a bad position as a result of that, and Hulk Hogan was no exception. The multi-time world champion has shared how his injuries took a toll on his body and deteriorated his health.

The star won the World Heavyweight Title six times in WCW and won the WWE Championship six times as well. He is recognized as a 12-time world champion since the company bought WCW. Recently, there has been talk about Hulk Hogan's health issues and how the star is struggling. The Hall of Famer was ill, and his body was not in the best condition.


Hogan spoke about it as well on the Full Send Podcast. There he admitted that his body had shut down on him 14 or 15 years ago, and that's why he hasn't been inside the ring.

"I haven't really wrestled since –- I wrestled The Rock at [WrestleMania] 18. Vince [McMahon] at 19, was part of 20 and 21 WrestleManias, but since then I've kind of really backed off, still work with the WWE, gone to Saudi Arabia a couple times, and done stuff with Ric [Flair], but nothing physical, because my body shut down on me about 14 or 15 years ago." [H/T Wrestling INC]

The Hall of Famer also detailed the number of surgeries that he ended up having.

"I ended up having like 25, 26 surgeries in a row, 10 back surgeries. I went in for one, ended up having 10. Had the knees replaced, after [my left knee] was scoped five times, [right knee] was scoped six times, and finally replaced. I replaced the hips [too]."

Hulk Hogan blamed the WWE and WCW work schedule for his issues

Hulk Hogan had to take a step back from his wrestling schedule due to his health issues.

During the interview, he blamed the first 20 years of his wrestling run in WWE and WCW for his health, talking about the intense schedule that he was keeping.

"I was running so hard the first 20 years I was wrestling."

At this point, it seems unlikely Hogan will ever return to the ring. However, he does make sporadic appearances for WWE, with his latest appearance coming at RAW is XXX earlier this year. It remains to be seen when he will appear for the company next.

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