Bron Breakker once pursued a career in the NFL

Rick Steiner wanted Bron Breakker to "keep training" for football after NFL rejection

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Bron Breakker has said that his father, WWE Hall of Famer Rick Steiner, wanted him to keep training for American football even after he was released by an NFL team.

Breakker was signed by the NFL's Baltimore Ravens in April 2020 right out of college as an undrafted fullback. He was then released by the team in August of that year. He would go on to have his very first wrestling match just two months later in October.


Bron Breakker recently appeared on the Out of Character podcast with Ryan Satin where he discussed a variety of topics. When questioned about whether his father Rick wanted him to pursue football, which he had done throughout college, Bron had this to say:

"At first he was a little bit, you know. Because I had just finished up with the NFL and he wanted me to keep working out, keep training, and just try to exhaust football and try to make it in the league as much as I possibly could. So I was like alright. I trained for 3 or 4 months more and was ready to go if a team called me or if I get a workout, whatever the case was." (16:52 to 17:25)

The NXT Champion went on to explain that it was more difficult than ever to get into the NFL during the pandemic:

"That was during the COVID season, 2020, so things were tight. It was really, really tough to make it. I just didn't end up getting a call and I had been chomping at the bits at my (father) and I was like 'Hey, I'm ready to wrestle'." (17:26 to 17:40)

Bron Breakker knew how he needed to "carry himself" in wrestling because of his father

During the same interview, Bron Breakker revealed that he knew how he needed to carry himself in wrestling and act in the ring because of his father and uncle's (Rick and Scott Steiner) image as "tough guys" in the industry and by the fans.

"I already kinda knew that how I needed to be, needed to act, and carry myself just cause. It was kinda like an unspoken thing as my dad and Scottie (Steiner) are really respected for being really tough guys. I just needed to be who I am, I didn't have to change anything or be something I am not," said Bron Breakker. (18:03 to 18:29)
Bron Breakker getting more and more comfortable and taking on more Steiners mannerisms rules.

Scott and Rick Steiner come from amateur wrestling backgrounds and have an image of being tough both on screen and backstage.

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