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Damage CTRL during a segment on WWE Raw.

Damage CTRL member breaks character as part of heartfelt interaction with SmackDown Superstar

Damage CTRL's Dakota Kai had to break character during her interaction with Michin (Mia Yim) on Twitter.

Kai has a lot of time on her hands as she recovers from a knee injury suffered last month on SmackDown. Meanwhile, Michin is preparing to face Bayley in a Money in the Bank qualifying match on Friday.


Michin recently posted an image on Twitter showcasing her blue hair and makeup. She captioned it "Smurfette," referencing a character from The Smurfs, who are known for their blue skin color.

Kai loved Michin's look and had to reply to her post despite the upcoming match between Michin and Bayley on this week's SmackDown. The Damage CTRL member posted a gif of a man with giant hearts pasted over his eyes.


You can check out the tweet here.

Michin then returned the favor with a gif related to Kai's reply.


It's great to see interactions between WWE Superstars on Twitter, whether it's part of Kayfabe or not. Michin took shots at Top Dolla before his match with The O.C. on last week's SmackDown. It will be interesting to see if she'll talk trash at Bayley ahead of their MITB qualifying match.

What's next for Damage CTRL?

Damage CTRL has been on the rocks for a few months now. There's tension building up between Bayley and Iyo Sky, but the injury to Dakota Kai might change things for the group.


According to WWE insider @boozerrasslin on Twitter (h/t Wrestling Headlines), there were plans for Damage CTRL to break up. Kai was supposed to reunite with Tegan Nox before her knee injury happened. Sky was also set to have a singles run, while plans for Bayley were not disclosed.

With Kai on the shelf, it seems like Bayley and Sky are heading toward a breakup, especially with Money in the Bank right around the corner. Bayley and Sky are set to take on Michin and Shotzi, respectively, in qualifying matches for the event.

Butch vs Corbin
Escobar vs Ali
Shotzi vs Iyo
Michin vs Bayley

4 MITB qualifiers next week on SD

With many fans firmly behind Iyo Sky to win the MITB briefcase, it could prove to be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Bayley losing her qualifying match while Iyo wins hers would further add to the drama within the group.

Would you like to see Damage CTRL break up or add another member while Dakota Kai recovers? Give your answer in the comments section below.

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