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  • "Stephanie McMahon's soul gets possessed" - Details on WWE storyline idea involving a masked faction
WWE Chairwoman and co-CEO Stephanie McMahon

"Stephanie McMahon's soul gets possessed" - Details on WWE storyline idea involving a masked faction

Dan Madigan, a former WWE writer, has disclosed details about a storyline idea he once pitched for Stephanie McMahon.

Madigan wrote the script for the WWE movie “See No Evil,” starring legendary Superstar Kane. While working on the film, he was asked by producers to suggest a possible storyline that would appear on RAW or SmackDown.


Speaking on the “Cheap Heat Productions Podcast,” Madigan recalled how he wanted a faction of masked South Americans to possess Stephanie’s soul. The storyline would also have involved Triple H and Vince McMahon:

“Stephanie McMahon’s soul gets possessed,” the former WWE writer said. “Go figure! He [the leader] has Stephanie McMahon’s soul. She’s tied to the ropes, much like The Exorcist. Triple H is fighting and Vince McMahon fights his way through this group of masked wrestlers with holy water, and he’s throwing the holy water like The Exorcist, ‘The power of Vince compels you!’ and the ring is levitating.” [14:50-15:16]

Madigan added that the faction would have been led by someone called The Beast. The villainous Superstar’s minions would have consisted of ex-convicts, mercenaries, and people off death row.


How Stephanie McMahon responded to the idea

While Dan Madigan’s six-month storyline idea did not make it to television, Stephanie McMahon still liked his creativity.

The current WWE Chairwoman and co-CEO met with Madigan and offered him a full-time job on the creative team:

“I sent it in to the production people,” Madigan continued. “They go, ‘Holy s**t, this is crazy.’ They sent it to Stephanie, she goes, ‘I gotta meet this guy.’ She flies out to meet me and that’s where the initial conversation [happened]. She goes, ‘This is crazy, but we love the writing, the whole storytelling, the whole scope of the thing,’ and that’s when they decided, ‘We’d like to bring you on board.’” [15:24-15:42]

Madigan suggested his idea around the same time that the infamous Katie Vick necrophilia storyline featured on RAW. Due to the nature of the Vick angle, he thought there was no limit to how far he could take his outlandish Stephanie pitch.

Do you think Dan Madigan’s idea would have worked? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Please credit the “Cheap Heat Productions Podcast” and give a H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription if you use quotes from this article.


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