Edge reveals which Superstar he was able to help before having to retire

  • Edge returned to in-ring action after 9 years away due to injury
  • Edge is a multi-time WWE and World Champion in the company
Shiven Sachdeva
Modified 02 Jul 2020, 20:08 IST

Edge has finally returned to WWE after 9 years of absence from in-ring action. The Rater R Superstar Edge stepped into the ring this year at Royal Rumble and has already given the fans two memorable matches against Randy Orton since then.

Edge had to retire in 2011 after suffering a career-threatening neck injury. While it was believed that the former WWE Champion's career was over and he had to retire, Edge has been able to turn the tables around and made a surprising comeback.


Edge reveals how he helped Dolph Ziggler

While speaking to Booker T on the Hall of Fame podcast, Edge talked about what he wanted to do in the company before he was forced to take an untimely retirement. Edge revealed that he wanted to teach the younger Superstars and help them become better. He added that the only way to do that was by being in the ring with them.

Edge jokingly stated that 'you can get black and blue' in the face trying to explain something to younger Superstars, but they will only learn if you are in the ring with them. While he admits that he did get a chance to help out and teach young Superstars like Dolph Ziggler by working with them, he wasn't satisfied and believed he had more to give.

Edge also spoke about how being forced to retire, in a way, took the decision out of his hand. He didn't want to retire but admits that his body was hurting and it would have been a difficult decision for him to take on his own.

Edge's future plans

While some reports suggested that Edge may be out of action for a long time after he suffered a triceps injury during his match with Randy Orton at Backlash, Edge made an appearance on RAW a few weeks back to warn Randy Orton that he isn't done with The Viper yet.

Talking about his upcoming match with Randy Orton, here is what Edge said on Busted Open Radio:

Now going forward, the challenge will be OK, what is the next chapter of this and how do we make it entirely different from Backlash? But that's fun. That's where you get into the nuances of the story.
Published 02 Jul 2020, 19:02 IST