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  • "Keep my name out of your mouth" - 32-year-old female WWE star fires back at LA Knight
Current WWE SmackDown resident, LA Knight

"Keep my name out of your mouth" - 32-year-old female WWE star fires back at LA Knight

LA Knight has earned his spot in WWE's annual Money in the Bank ladder match, which is scheduled to take place on July 1. Also qualified for the women's MITB bout is Zelina Vega. The two stars recently exchanged some words ahead of their contests.

Appearing on the latest edition of WWE's The Bump, LA Knight took a shot at Zelina Vega when he said, according to the LWO star herself, she is a representation of the "nerds" and "gamers," and that's all he can see in the locker room. On the other hand, the 40-year-old believes he is the last of a dying breed.


Despite also adding that he has nothing against the young star, Zelina Vega nevertheless fired back by reminding Knight that he has his own match to worry about in what could be the SmackDown star's biggest opportunity to date:

"Okay, I never asked you nothing, first of all. So let's start there. I don't need to hear all that. All I know is, what I'm focused on, you can sit there [and] talk about what you're favorite candy is and you can go off the same exact way. But either way, I got my eyes on Money in the Bank. Who you converse with, nerds, gamers, that's your business."

The WWE star concluded by adding:

"Concentrate on you, and I'mma stay concentrated on me. Keep my name out of your mouth." [From 43:32 to 43:56]

Much like LA Knight, the women's Money in the Bank ladder match might be Zelina Vega's biggest opportunity yet. After competing against Rhea Ripley in front of her home crowd at Backlash in a losing effort, the LWO star may be looking to get back in the title hunt.

A win for Zelina could get her close to the SmackDown Women's Champion, who is currently a resident of Monday Night RAW.

LA Knight on the special bond he shares with WWE icon


The Undertaker and LA Knight shared the ring on the 30th Anniversary Special event of WWE RAW in January earlier this year.

Recently, an audition video of Knight emerged, in which he is seen talking about Paul Bearer and how the late legend is a common link between him and The Deadman:

"Let me talk to ya, seeing The Undertaker earlier today, it kind of brought up a few emotions from me because we share a common bond. That common bond is Percy Pringle, known to many of you as Paul Bearer, even fewer as William Moody. Now for the last three years leading up to his death, he walked me side by side and down that aisle," he said.

LA Knight further added:

"Before Percy passed he left me a message. He said first and foremost he loved me and secondly, he wished me luck because he said I was going to go on and do great things."

You can read more of the 40-year-old WWE Superstar's monologue and watch the audition clip here.


Will LA Knight and Zelina Vega win their respective Money in the Bank ladder matches? Who are you rooting for in the upcoming contests? Let us know in the comments section below.

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