MJF is aiming to have a long career

MJF comments on his in-ring style; Opens up on why it is better than others on the AEW roster

  • MJF says that he has based his in-ring style on some of the legends in the business.
  • MJF will challenge Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship at All Out.
Owen Churchill
Modified 10 Aug 2020, 06:41 IST

MJF has opened up on his in-ring style and why it separates the talented young wrestler from the rest of the All Elite Wrestling roster.

MJF is currently scheduled to challenge Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship at All Out on September 5, 2020. During an interview with Busted Open Radio, MJF stated that his in-ring style will lead him to have greater longevity in the ring than the majority of the AEW roster:

"Dictator Jon, he studied the A Rotten's of the world, the brain damages of the world. That's not who I studied. I studied the greats, I studied the Flair's, the Tullys, I studied the Ernie Ladds, Nick Bockwinkels. That's who I studied, because those guys' careers lasted a very long time because they wrestled intelligently. That's what they did." (h/t Wrestling Inc.)
"They didn't wrestle to garner a pop from the audience. I am wrestling to get the winner's purse, I'm wrestling to stay on top. I'm wrestling to be the top guy for the next 25 years, not for the next 2. That's the difference between my style and everyone else's. It's unfortunate that we have to see, every single Wednesday, a bunch of guys who are just clamoring for attention by either hopping over a top rope or jumping off of it. That's not my m.o. and it never will be." (h/t Wrestling Inc.)

MJF's in-ring style in comparison to the AEW roster

When discussing his in-ring style, MJF suggested that AEW President Tony Khan does not approve of the way that he wrestles. MJF would go on to explain that this difference in vision between himself and the AEW owner makes his role as an AEW wrestler more difficult:

"It makes my job a lot harder. The issue at hand that I would say is this: 'if you do that, eventually you're going to jump the shark', and what I mean by that is this, if we go out there every week and we bump in thumbtacks, if we go out there every week and we are chewing on pins of glass," MJF argued, "if we go out there every week and we get hit by cars, if we go out there every week and we're hitting each other over the heads with kendo sticks, for the first couple of times, it's great." (h/t Wrestling Inc.)

However, MJF was quick to point out that he believes that there is not longevity in the way in which many of the wrestlers on the AEW roster perform, utilising a unique analogy to explain his point of view:

"Here's the great analogy: if an elephant takes a giant s--t on your neighbor's yard in the morning and you open the door, you see it and you go, 'Woah! That's crazy! An elephant just took a huge dump in my neighbor's yard!!' and then, the next day, the elephant shows up and does it again. 'Woah, that's pretty nuts!' then, the next day the elephant shows up, 'Woah okay, the elephant's here again', and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, eventually, you're going to go, 'uhh, here's this stupid freaking elephant again'. That's what's happening here; that's what I don't want to happen, and that's why it's so important to get our fans different flavors of ice cream. And that's all I'm offering. I'm the flavor maker, baby! That's it." (h/t Wrestling Inc.)

Do you think that MJF will defeat Jon Moxley to become AEW World Champion at All Out? What are your thoughts on MJF's in-ring style?

Published 10 Aug 2020, 06:41 IST