Seth Rollins referenced his real-life issues with Riddle

Seth Rollins references his real-life issues with WWE Superstar ahead of Clash at the Castle

WWE star Seth Rollins recently referenced his real-life issues with Riddle ahead of their singles match at Clash at the Castle.

The Visionary and The Original Bro's rivalry traces back to the time when the latter's wife made a personal comment about Rollins' wife, Becky Lynch.


Back in 2019 Riddle's now ex-wife Lisa made a post on Instagram directed at the body of the former women's champion, which led to an issue between the two WWE Superstars.

Following the Survivor Series 2020, Riddle apologized to Rollins. But that didn't stop the former Universal Champion from taking digs at his rival.

A recent tweet from WWE showcased the history between the two men. Responding to the tweet, Rollins mentioned that his rivalry with Riddle goes back further than this, hinting at their real-life heat.

"Goes back a lot further than this…," wrote Rollins.

Check out the same tweet below:

Goes back a lot further than this……
Look back at the bitter rivalry between @SuperKingofBros and @WWERollins before they collide this Saturday at #WWECastle

Vince Russo recently criticized Seth Rollins and Riddle's segment

Former WWE head writer Vince Russo was full of criticism for Seth Rollins and Riddle's segment on RAW.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Legion of RAW, Russo mentioned the flaws during the segment. He added that the two men were supposed to open the show with full of momentum but couldn't hit the mark.

"The whole idea bro is to they wanna open up the show hot. I mean that’s the whole idea. We’re gonna open up the show hot, they’re gonna be fighting in the back, then they gonna go fight out in front of the people. I mean that’s the whole idea," said Russo.

The veteran further took shots at their entrances on RAW and criticized their punching technique as well. He added that despite The Original Bro being a former UFC fighter, he couldn't have used better moves on his rival.

"The only problem is they go and fight out in front of the people up on that little entrance way there and they’re punching each other like two girls," Russo added. "So, right there, like really, bro? Riddle is a legit MMA guy that could literally break my skull, my neck, my spine, both arms and both my legs. Him and Rollins are gonna stand there and exchange girl punches. Way to start the show hot guys."

Who do you think will win the singles match between Seth Rollins and Riddle at Clash at the Castle? Sounds off in the comment section below.


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