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  • Veteran thinks WWE legend Kurt Angle would defeat former AEW Champion back in his day (Exclusive)
Kurt Angle has been away from wrestling since 2019.

Veteran thinks WWE legend Kurt Angle would defeat former AEW Champion back in his day (Exclusive)

Bill Apter thinks WWE legend Kurt Angle would stand tall in a match between him and Kenny Omega had it gone down during the former's prime years.

Omega and Angle are two of the greatest in-ring workers of their respective eras. A Twitter user recently shared a post asking fans to name a better performer between the former AEW Champion and the Olympic Gold Medalist at his peak.


Though fans of both athletes thronged to the comments section, Kenny Omega himself put over Kurt Angle, saying he would lose to the WWE legend.

On Sportskeeda's The Wrestling Time Machine, Bill Apter mentioned that Angle's amateur wrestling style could overpower Omega's Japanese influenced-work. The veteran journalist added that though a match between them would be close, he can't imagine anything but Kurt Angle's hand raised by the end of it.

"I think Kurt Angle's Olympic type of style would be able to ward off any attack from the Japanese style. I think it'd be a close match. Very exciting, but Kurt Angle is a shooter. Kenny Omega may be as well, but I cannot see Kurt Angle walking out of that ring without his hand raised in his prime," said Bill Apter. [1:58 - 2:23]


WWE veteran Kurt Angle has expressed his desire to work with Kenny Omega

In an interview earlier this year, Kurt Angle spoke about his dream opponents.

While Bret Hart topped that list, Angle also mentioned Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson's names. The Olympic medalist termed Omega "incredible."

"Daniel Bryan was a great one [who I never got to wrestle with]. Gosh, why can't I remember his name right now? He's in AEW, he used to wrestle in Japan a lot. Oh gosh, why am I going brain-dead? Kenny Omega! Yes. I love that guy. I would love to work with him. He's incredible," said Kurt Angle.
"His success, what he’s had in Japan and AEW is phenomenal. I haven’t seen a talent like him in a long time.

He belongs on that upper echelon of talents. He is one of the greatest workers in the world today."

- Kurt Angle on Kenny Omega

The former WWE Champion hasn't wrestled since WrestleMania 35 in 2019, where he lost to Baron Corbin.


Do you agree with Bill Apter's take on why Kurt Angle would defeat Kenny Omega in his prime? Sound off in the comments section below.

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