"He's the best for a reason" - AEW star Kenny Omega sends a message to 4-time WWE Champion

Kenny Omega is currently signed to AEW
Kenny Omega is currently signed to AEW

AEW star Kenny Omega has sent a message to multi-time WWE Champion and Hall of Famer Kurt Angle.

Omega is currently signed to AEW and is a former world champion himself. He is a former IWGP Heavyweight Champion and a one-time AEW World Champion.

Taking to Twitter, Omega reacted to a tweet comparing him with the peak version of Angle. In response, the AEW star wrote that Angle was the best for a reason, and he also likes to study the 54-year-old:

"I don’t study myself when I want to learn, I study Kurt. He’s the best for a reason. I take the L - but it’d be a heck of match," wrote Omega

Check out Omega's tweet:

Shawn Stasiak recently challenged WWE legend Kurt Angle to a match

Shawn Stasiak recently challenged Kurt Angle to a match. Speaking in an interview with PW Mania, the former Hardcore Champion challenged the Olympic Gold Medalist to a match at WrestleMania 39.

Angle's retirement match was against Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 39. He hasn't stepped foot officially in a wrestling ring ever since. Stasiak said:

"That's up to WWE, and that's up to Kurt Angle. I'll just say this, look, just like in the tweet, like I said, love Kurt, respect Kurt, but it all started with me, why not end it with me Kurt; full circle. WrestleMania 40, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, your home state, right? You want to end your career? Let’s do it. Forget it. What’s his name? Corbin?" he said.

Stasiak added:

"Baron Corbin, right, Baron Corbin, forget that man. Let's get back to the Attitude Era. Let's finish it where it all began. I was your second match, you know? And plus, that's in Philadelphia. That's the city of brotherly love. That's where Stan the Man Stasiak, my father became the fifth wrestler in the history of the WWE become champion. So why not there? I think it makes sense. He's got new knees, his neck is I think repaired, he's in great shape, he's in a happy place, he looks great. I'm in great shape. I'm open to it."

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