Developmental talents training in the WWE Performance Center

WWE to resume some normal Performance Center activities soon

  • The activities in the WWE Performance Center will be going through some changes soon.
  • The developmental talent can finally get back to training to become WWE Superstars.
Modified 07 Aug 2020, 22:07 IST

Developmental classes are now going to resume in the WWE Performance Center extremely soon. According to a report by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Fightful), WWE will be resuming classes for their Developmental talent starting from 10th August 2020.


WWE Performance Center to resume developmental talent classes

Classes stopped in the WWE Performance Center during the Covid-19 pandemic when it hit the country badly. Now, new classes will be held, however, not everything is going back to exactly normal.

The new classes, set to be held from 10th August, will be held in a warehouse near the WWE Performance Center and not the actual Performance Center. Rings will be set up inside the warehouse for the talent to train in. The developmental talent will be undergoing the whole regimen of testing on this Sunday, with their results coming back on Monday.

WWE is putting some measures in place to ensure that the talents are protected from accidental infection. Any two wrestlers will be allowed into the ring at the same time and those who are surrounding the ring, or are not in the ring, will have to wear masks. All of the developmental talent, including those who are being featured on television at the moment, will have to attend the classes.

Ever since the pandemic hit, the WWE Performance Center has become the de facto home of all WWE shows - not only NXT but RAW and SmackDown as well. During this time, the developmental talents have been featured on WWE television shows as a live audience, who stand behind the plexiglass and show their support during the event.

Update on Saree joining the WWE Performance Center


Saree was supposed to join the WWE Performance Center back in March, but naturally, due to the pandemic and the resultant travel issues, could not do so. Now, she has been given permission by WWE to continue wrestling back in Japan while she waits for travel to become possible again so that she can join the WWE Performance Center once it opens up fully.

Published 07 Aug 2020, 22:07 IST