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Bray Wyatt has been haunted by Uncle Howdy recently

Who is Uncle Howdy and is he related to Bray Wyatt?

WWE first teased the Wyatt 6 stable during Bray Wyatt's return at Extreme Rules in Philadelphia. The company introduced a new character, Uncle Howdy, during Bray's recent promo.

The mystery figure made his debut on the October 28, 2022, episode of SmackDown. Uncle Howdy appeared on the giant screen during the closing moments of the show. The strange figure told Bray that he would never be able to hide from him. The cameras didn’t cut to the ring after the vignette, and the show immediately went off the air.


The creepy promo created a buzz in the wrestling world, and fans jumped on social media to provide their two cents on Uncle Howdy’s identity. Some said the mask worn by the mystery person looked similar to Barry Windham, Bray’s real-life uncle. Others thought it was Bo Dallas because of the cross earrings worn by Uncle Howdy during the promo.

Bray's father, Mike Rotunda, seemingly teased his involvement in the storyline as well. The legendary IRS tweeted a picture of Uncle Howdy with the caption, ‘Howdy.’ The tweet came hours before the November 4, 2022, edition of SmackDown. WWE is expected to showcase the creepy figure at some point during the upcoming Friday night show.

Bray Wyatt set to appear at WWE Crown Jewel


WWE announced on RAW this past Monday that Bray Wyatt will appear at the Crown Jewel premium live event in Saudi Arabia on November 5, 2022. This will mark Bray’s first premium live event appearance since his epic return at Extreme Rules back in October.

WWE might just very well have a big surprise when it comes to Bray Wyatt's storyline at the Saudi event. The company isn’t rushing with building the character’s mystical lore. Bray himself isn’t focusing on any particular star on the SmackDown roster to begin a feud with.


The former Universal Champion is more focused on his attempts to make peace with his demons. Bray’s psychic evaluation has shown that he’s not in the best state of mind. The QR code teased notes that the SmackDown star is having difficulty trying to show empathy.

WWE has certainly captivated fans with the latest storyline involving Bray Wyatt. The company is likely to introduce more characters in the days to come.

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