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WWE has created some believable families over the years

WWE Families: 5 real-life siblings and 5 that were created

Over the years, many sibling partnerships have been able to make it in WWE after starting their quest to become professional wrestlers at a young age and then working their way up through the ranks. Of course, this isn't the same for every sibling partnership, as over the years, the company has decided to create families that fit in with their storylines. Making Superstars siblings gives them a much closer bond and allows the company to develop a back story that is much more compelling.


The fact that many members of the WWE Universe still believe that the families WWE created were actually real, shows just how well many of these factions were created at the time.

#10. REAL- The Hardy Boyz

Matt and Jeff Hardy have been defying expectations for more than two decades. While Matt has been able to make a name for himself in The Broken Universe, his brother Jeff has always been a risk-taker who became famous for the high octane stunts that he performed throughout his early career.

The Hardy Boyz along with Lita became Team Xtreme in their early years and have since both gone on to hold Championships in the company. Matt is the older brother and is currently married to former TNA star Reby Sky. Together the couple have three sons. Jeff is also married to a woman outside of the wrestling business named Beth Britt and together they have two daughters.


#9. FAKE - The Undertaker and Kane

Perhaps the best-known brother partnership in WWE and it was entirely fictional. Paul Bearer brought Kane into WWE to tackle The Undertaker back in 1997. The story was that The Big Red Monster survived a house fire that was set by The Deadman and was his younger brother.

The added family dynamic definitely brought something new to this rivalry and it allowed Kane and The Undertaker to have one of the greatest feuds in the history of the business. In a time when the internet wasn't readily available, the WWE Universe believed that these two entities were related and many hardcore fans still refuse to believe that the two are not real brothers.


#8. REAL - The Usos

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Former Tag Team Champions The Usos were originally brought into the business by their uncle Umaga, who was working for WWE at the time. He asked Jimmy and Jey, who were working in a furniture company at the time, if they wanted to join him on the road.

Having twins as a tag team wasn't a new concept in wrestling; there's a long list of brothers and sisters who have tagged for many years. But Jimmy and Jey have proved that they have the Anao'i wrestling blood inside them and have changed the face of tag team wrestling throughout their careers. It is worth noting that Jimmy is the older of the two twins, but only by a few minutes.


#7. FAKE - The Dudley Boyz

The Dudley Boyz became a group with a number of members throughout their time in WWE, but the fans mainly associate the team with D-Von, Spike, and Bubba Ray as being the three members of the stable.

Despite being billed as half bothers from Dudleyville, fans were surprised to learn that these stars were not related. D-Von and Bubba Ray went on to hold the Championships nine different times throughout their time in WWE. While they had a bond that could be mistaken for that of siblings, the two stars come from very different families.

At present, D-Von is currently working backstage in WWE as a producer, whilst Bubba Ray continues his wrestling career outside WWE.

#6. REAL - Nikki and Brie Bella


Bella Twins were the first-ever twins to grace the Women's Division in WWE. Nikki and Brie not only made history by joining WWE but went on to change the face of the division that they were once part of. The Bellas are both former Divas Champions and were the trailblazers when it came to the beginning of the Women's Revolution back in 2015.

Total Divas and Total Bella brought the spotlight to the Women's Division and changed the business for the better. Now retired, Nikki & Brie announced earlier this year that they are both expecting children and are merely weeks apart when it comes to due dates.

#5. FAKE - The Basham Brothers

Doug and Danny Basham came to WWE at a time when the Tag Team Division was being dominated by some of the bigger names in the business. Of course, this didn't stop the duo from going on a quest to become Tag Team Champions, which became a reality in late 2003.


Despite being billed as brothers throughout their time in WWE, The Bashams actually had no biological connection. They were believable as siblings though, since the two men looked very similar and it could be argued that they had a brotherly connection in the ring. Sadly they were only able to reign as Champions on two occasions before their release in 2007.

#4. REAL - The Singh Brothers

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Former 24/7 Champions, The Singh Brothers first rose to fame when they debuted as part of Jinder Mahal's WWE Championship reign. The Modern-Day Maharaja used the duo to help him retain his Championship on a number of occasions, but seemingly became surplus to requirements a few months later.

Now the duo are mostly seen on 205 Live where they are back to portraying the Bollywood Boyz gimmick and were even able to lift the 24/7 Championship when they appeared on Monday Night RAW. Sunil and Samir have both had a fantastic last few months with Samir announcing his wedding, whilst Sunil welcomed his first child.

#3. FAKE - Edge and Christian

Hardcore wrestling fans will remember a time when Edge and Christian debuted alongside Gangrel and were revealed as brothers in The Brood. It was a vampire style gimmick that made sense at the time, but very quickly became old. After Gangrel's release, Edge and Christian went on to become tag team legends.


Much like Matt and Jeff Hardy, the two men became synonymous with ladder matches and are now both former World Champions. Edge recently being able to make his return after an impressive nine years on the sidelines.

#2. REAL - Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt

Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt have only been seen together on WWE TV a handful of times, and have always founded themselves on the opposite sides of the ring. While Wyatt continues to showoff his creativity through his impressive on-screen personas, Dallas continues to be overlooked following his impressive run as NXT Champion.

Many fans hoped that the two brothers would be given a chance to work together inside the Firefly Fun House, but this has yet to become a reality. The Fiend continues to work his way through the roster and Bo Dallas looks to still be part of The B Team alongside Curtis Axel.

#1. FAKE - The Bludgeon Brothers


After they were shown as family members inside The Wyatt Family, WWE went one step further a few years later when they put Luke Harper and Erick Rowan together and made them The Bludgeon Brothers.

As former Tag Team Champions, the duo proved that they had chemistry in the ring and were able to convince the WWE Universe that they could actually be related. At present, Luke Harper is currently part of All Elite Wrestling where he wrestles as Brodie Lee or The Exalted One, while Erick Rowan hasn't been seen since his cage was destroyed a few weeks ago on RAW.

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