WWE Rumors:  Bray Wyatt to reportedly return 'any day now'

Will we see Bray Wyatt at Extreme Rules or on the ensuing episode of RAW?

Matthew Serocki
10 Jul 2019, 01:48 IST

The Muscle Man dance could be popping up on WWE TV sometime soon

What's the story?

Bray Wyatt has undergone a huge transformation since this time last Summer. As a member of the Deleters of Worlds alongside Matt Hardy, he was a RAW Tag Team Champion.

But since he's been away from the WWE for so long, everyone wants to know when to expect him back in the ring in WWE. According to the Wrestling Observer Radio, he has been backstage during RAW over the last few weeks and will return 'any day now'. Wrestletalk.com carried transcripts of the rumours.

In case you didn't know...

Wyatt and his minions in the Wyatt Family terrorized the WWE upon their debut several years ago. Once the group was broken up, Wyatt still preached his usual rhetoric but lost several big feuds.

After losing to Roman Reigns, John Cena, The Undertaker and Seth Rollins, Wyatt lost most of his credibility as a serious threat. He hasn't been in a television match since last Summer.

The heart of the matter

WWE started airing vignettes with Wyatt right after WrestleMania 35 concluded. He popped up as the host of a children's show named the Firefly Funhouse. It dealt with some of his issues of the past as well as post-traumatic stress disorder coping mechanisms like painting your problems.


As the vignettes have been airing since early April, a lot of people are wondering when we can expect to see the talented Superstar back in the ring. The Wrestling Observer Radio reported that he has been backstage for several episodes of RAW over the past few weeks and that he could return to the ring 'any day now'.

Puppets from his show including Abby the Witch and Rambling Rabbit have shown up backstage on RAW and SmackDown when stars like the Miz and Kofi Kingston were making their ways to the ring.

Wrestletalk.com's report also mentioned that he's likely been held off of television because WWE wants to get the Extreme Rules PPV out of the way before reintroducing him to in-ring competition. SummerSlam is the next big show, so he could be in line for a big match at the 'Biggest Party of the Summer'.

What's next?

WWE needs to get Wyatt back into the ring soon so that everyone can see how he will fit into the post-SuperStar ShakeUp WWE. Will he be a face or a heel? Whom will he target first?

He's fully invested in the new gimmick so it will hopefully give him better results than losing almost all of his important feuds as the Bayou Preacher.