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WWE Rumors: Paul Heyman reportedly likes five Superstars from RAW

These five stars will get the pushes they need!

Lennard Surrao
Published Dec 11, 2019

Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman is a busy man these days, tasked with the job of running RAW as the Executive Director of the show. While Vince McMahon's stamp of approval is a necessity, Heyman enjoys a considerable amount of power regarding the Superstars that are pushed and the angles they are featured in.

On the post-RAW edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed the five Superstars who Paul Heyman likes backstage and are currently on the receiving end of a noticeable push.

Erik and Ivar of the Viking Raiders, Humberto Carrillo, Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy are the talents who are in the good books of Heyman and reaping the benefits of the same.

Meltzer noted:

"I know the guys Paul Heyman likes. Now the Street Profits/Viking Raiders thing, I don't have an answer to why that happened, I was like absolutely, when that thing was over, I was just looking at the TV and ready to go like, alright, what the hell did I just watch? I didn't get that at all.
"But you know, his guys are The Viking Raiders, Aleister Black, Humberto Carrillo, Buddy Murphy. They were all getting something."

It was surprising to see The Street Profits suffer a crushing loss to the Viking Raiders in an impromptu title match on this week's RAW.

The Street Profits were reportedly one of Paul Heyman's projects but it seems like the WWE favours them more for comedic spots and skits at the moment.

Talking about the other Superstars with Heyman's backing, they're all getting a lot of TV time. Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy will face each other at the TLC PPV while Humberto Carrillo scored a big win over Andrade on the latest episode of RAW.


The Viking Raiders are being booked strongly as the RAW Tag Team Champions and that isn't expected to change soon if they have the support of Heyman.

Being a Paul Heyman guy behind the scenes has its benefits. 

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