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Archery at 2018 Asian Games - Koreans claim 4 Golds, Indian Compound Team claims 2 Silvers.

Shanghai 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup
Kim Woo-Jin (KOR) - Gold medalist Recurve Individual
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Archery at the 2018 Asian Games was held between 22 and 28 August at the GBK Archery Field in Jakarta, Indonesia.

There were eight medals up for grabs in the Recurve Men and Women (Individual, Team, and Mixed) and Compound (Team, and Mixed).

South Korea the favourites for all the eight Golds, took home 4 Golds, 3 Silvers, and a Bronze to be on top of the medals table. They were followed in the second spot by Chinese Taipei with 2 Golds, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze. China came third with a Gold and 2 Bronze. India was placed 5th with 2 Silvers.

The South Koreans dropped one Gold from the 2014 Asian Games. The Indians who won 4 medals in the compound section at the 2014 Games, could not win any of the individual events, but compensated by winning two Silvers in the team events.

The Koreans have always been the masters in the Archery event as they have got the ability to control their nerves and remain calm even in the most difficult of moments.

Recurve Men's Individual

Gold Medal Match

It was the battle of the Koreans in the Recurve individual finals and a fitting battle between the number one ranked and number two ranked player in the World.

The first set ended even at 1-1. In a see-saw battle, Lee won the 2nd set, Kim won the 3rd and the 4th set was equally shared. The final 5th set started with both starting with an 8, followed by a 9. In the final arrow, Lee shot a 9, and Kim hit a 10 to win the Gold. Kim was actually more consistent in hitting 10's a total of 6 compared to Lee, who hit 3 scores of 10's.

Kim Woo-Jin (1) (KOR) defeats Lee Woo-Seok (2) (KOR) 6-4.


Bronze Medal Match

The home crowd was jubilant as Indonesia's Riau Ega Agatha won a Bronze defeating Abdullin Ilfat of Kazakhstan. Agatha had a great 3rd end when he shot a perfect 30 to take a sizeable 5-1 lead and just had to draw level in the 4th set which he did to claim the Bronze. He also 9 scores of 10 compared to Kazakh's 4 scores of 10.

Riau Ega Agatha (28) (INA) defeats Abdullin Ilfat (81) (KAZ) 6-2.


Lee Woo-Seok (2) won against Abdullin Ilfat (81) (KAZ) 7-1.

Kim Woo-Jin (1) (KOR) defeats Riau Ega Agatha (28) (INA) 6-2.


Lee Woo-Seok (2) won against Wei Chun-Heng (8) (TPE) 7-1.

Kim Woo-Jin (1) (KOR) defeats Takaharu Furakawa (JPN) (13) 6-4.

Agatha upset Indian hopes by defeating Atanu Das in the Quarters. The match was so close that the first 3 sets were tied 1 each. In the 4th set, Agatha shot two 10 pointers to take the set and in the final arrow of the 5th set, he scored a 9 compared to Das's 8 which ruled the tie in his favour. Agatha had 8 - 10 pointers compared to Indian's 5.

Riau Ega Agatha (28) (INA) defeats Atanu Das (19) (IND) 7-3.

Abdullin pulled out a major upset when he got past the experienced Khairul in the Quarters. Abdul took the first set comfortably, shared the second and lost the third. He came back stronger to win the 4th and finished the 5th with a perfect score of 30.

Abdullin Ilfat (81) (KAZ) won against Mohamad Khairul Anuar (MAS) (17) 7-3.

1/16 Eliminations (Important Matches)

Chu Duc Anh (156) (VIE) defeats Hoang van Loc (126) (VIE) 7-3


Riau Ega Agatha (28) (INA) defeats Muhammad Akmal Nor Hasrin (22) (MAS) 6-5.

1/32 Eliminations (Important Matches)

Ma Hing Kin (211) (HKG) won against Ibrahim Al-Mohanadi (166) (QAT) 6-0.

Tilak Pun Magar (357) (NEP) defeats Nima Wangdi (315) (BHU) 6-0.

Htike Lin Oo (610) (MYA) defeats Ulukbek Kursanaliev (410) (KGZ) 6-0.

Ali Ahmed Salem (724) (QAT) defeats Sadegh Ashrafi Bavali (152) (IRI) 6-4.

 Alek Edwar (263) (INA) defeats Kinley Tshering (239) (BHU) 6-2.

Recurve Men's Team

Gold Medal Match

Taipei took the lead in the first set to put pressure on the Koreans. The second set ended as a tie as Kim shot a 7 pointer for Korea, which was matched by Tang of Taipei. Korea came back strongly to take the third set courtesy of a 5 pointer from Tang who was under immense pressure. Taipei regained their form in the 4th set to take the Gold medal.

Asian Games - Day 9
Chinese Taipei took the Recurve Men's Team Gold

Chinese Taipei (2) defeats South Korea (1) 5-3.

Bronze Medal Match

Mongolia was unable to continue their giant-killing spree and eventually was blanked by China who took the Bronze in straight sets. China had hit 9 - 10 pointers to Mongolia's 3.

China (8) defeats Mongolia (22) 6-0.


South Korea (1) won against China (8) 5-3.

Chinese Taipei (2) defeats Mongolia (22) 6-0.



South Korea (1) won against India (12) 5-1.

China (8) defeats Iran (35) 6-0.

Chinese Taipei (2) defeats Japan (4) 6-0.

Consistent shooting from the Mongolian's in the first two sets enabled them to a 4-0 lead. Kazak's did come out strongly to win the third. But, the fourth set ended in a tie and handed victory to the jubilant Mongolians.

Mongolia (22) won against Kazakhstan (7) 5-3.

1/8 Eliminations (Important Matches)

Iran blanked Malaysia in straight sets as the Malaysians were consistently shooting 8 pointers. Iran's Sadegh Ashrafi was particularly in brilliant form as he scored 58 points from his 6 shots.

Iran (35) defeats Malaysia (6) 6-0.

Recurve Women's Individual

Gold Medal Match

Zhang had to work hard to claim the last two sets on her way to Gold against Diananda. Zang started the first with max 30 points and continued that form to claim the 5th with 29 points and 6th with 30 points to dislodge the Indonesian.

Asian Games - Day 9
Zhang Xinyan (CHN) Recurve Women's Individual Gold medalist

Zhang Xinyan (113) (CHN) defeats Diananda Choirunisa (INA) (53) 7-3.

Bronze Medal Match

Kang came up with 30 points each in the 4th and 5th set to shut Taipei's Le Chien to take the Bronze.

Kang Chae-young (5) (KOR) won against Le Chien-Ying (8) (TPE) 6-4.



Kang succumbed to the consistent shooting from the Chinese Zhang as she shot a paltry 25 in the 6th set which knocked out her hopes of a Gold medal.

Zhang Xinyan (113) (CHN) won against Kang Chae-young (5) (KOR) 6-4.

Diananda was rewarded with a chance for the Gold medal due to her consistent shooting, which got her past through the favourite Le Chien of Taipei.

Diananda Choirunisa (53) (INA) defeats Le Chien-Ying (8) (TPE) 7-3.


Kang Chae-young (5) (KOR) won against Cao Hui (26) (CHN) 6-2.

Zhang knocked out World No. 3 Tan of Taipei for her inconsistent shooting.

Zhang Xinyan (113) (CHN) won against Tan Ya-ting (3) (TPE) 6-4. 

Le Chien-Ying (8) (TPE) defeats Tomomi Sugimoto (32) (JPN) 6-0.

Giant-killer Diananda accounted for World No. 1 Chang of Korea in the Quarters. Both archers found it harder to score consistently. A poor round of 25 and 22 in sets 1 & 3 sealed the fate of Chang.

Diananda Choirunisa (53) (INA) defeats Chang Hye-jin (1) (KOR) 7-3.

1/8 Eliminations (Important Matches)

 Le Chien-Ying (8) (TPE) defeats Deepika Kumari (7) (IND) 7-3.

1/16 Eliminations (Important Matches)

Urantungalag Bishindee (247) (MGL) defeats Promila Daimary (12) (IND) 6-2.

Thidar Nwe (MYA) defeats Kang Un-Ju (198) (PRK) 7-3.

Zahra Nemati (397) (IRI) defeats Farida Tukebayeva (95) (KAZ) 6-5.

 Nguyen Thi Phuong (201) (VIE) defeats Luiza Saideyeva (107) (KAZ) 6-2.

1/32 Eliminations (Important Matches)

Zukhro Tagaeva (264) (TJK) defeats Nasrin Akter (189) (BAN) 6-2.

Sonam Dema (225) (BHU) defeats Waraporn Phutdee (161) (THA) 6-4.

Jen Kaboksy (309) (LAO) defeats Nanthinee Jaehomkrue (216) (THA) 6-5.

Recurve Women's Team

Gold Medal Match

South Korea was more consistent and calm as they clinched the Gold in the Women's Team. They took the first set to go 2-0 up but shot poorly in the second to tie it 2-2. The third set was shared and they took the 4th set 54-53 with both teams shooting poorly.

2014 Asian Games - Day 9
South Korea took the Recurve Women's Team Gold

South Korea (1) won against Chinese Taipei (2) 5-3.

Bronze Medal Match

Japan lost the first set 0-2 to China but came back strongly to win the next 3 sets to take the Bronze.

Japan (7) defeats China (5) 6-2.


South Korea (1) won against Japan (7) 6-2.

Chinese Taipei (2) defeats China (5) 5-3.


South Korea (1) won against North Korea (44) 6-0.

Japan (7) defeats Indonesia (18) 6-0.

China (5) won against Kazakhstan (23) 6-2.

Chinese Taipei (2) defeats India (8) 6-2.

1/8 Eliminations (Important Matches)

North Korea (44) defeats Vietnam (30) 5-3.

Kazakhstan (23) won against Malaysia (21) 6-2.

Recurve Mixed Team

Gold Medal Match

Japan blanked North Korea in straight sets to capture Gold. They had a perfect score of 40 points in the second set and accounted for a total of 8 arrows scoring 10 points. Takaharu of Japan scored 10 points from 5 out of 6 arrows.

Asian Games - Day 9
Japan won the Gold in Recurve Mixed Team

Japan (3) won against North Korea (53) 6-0.


Bronze Medal Match

China came back to take the 3rd and 4th sets and was far superior in consistency to claim the Bronze.

China (14) defeats Mongolia (22) 6-2.


Japan (3) won against Mongolia (22) 6-2.

North Korea (53) defeats China (5) 6-2.


Mongolia (22) won against South Korea (1) 5-1.

Japan (7) defeats Bangladesh (29) 5-1.

China (5) won against Vietnam (15) 6-0.

North Korea (53) defeats Chinese Taipei (2) 5-4.

1/8 Eliminations (Important Matches)

Mongolia (22) won against India (8) 5-4.

Bangladesh (29) won against Kazakhstan (21) 5-4.

North Korea (53) won against Indonesia (10) 5-3.

1/16 Eliminations (Important Matches)

Kyrgyzstan (61) defeats Nepal (59) 5-4.

Myanmar (68) defeats Bhutan (59) 5-1.

Compound Men's Team

Gold Medal Match

In the best match of the Games, Korea held on to the nerves to claim the Gold against India. India started the match with a bang as they shot a complete 60 points after the first end to take a 4 point lead. At the next end, Korea shot brilliantly and was also helped by an 8 pointer from youngster Aman to level the score at 114. The third set saw the Indians, striking form and taking a two-point lead. Koreans notched up an impressive 59 points in the last end and India succumbed to the pressure to tie it even at 229. In the shoot-off, Choi Yonghee shot one in the Bull's eye, which handed Korea the Gold after both the teams were locked at 29 points.

South Korea won the Compound Team Gold (Image Courtesy: Yonhap News Agency)

South Korea (1) won against India (2) 229-229 (Shoot-Off 29*-29). *Bull's eye

Bronze Medal Match


Malaysia took the Bronze mainly due to the scintillating form from their archer Kin Lip Lee, who scored the maximum possible 80 points from his 8 arrows with 4 hitting the Bull's eye.

Malaysia (20) defeats Chinese Taipei (3) 225-223


South Korea (1) won against Malaysia (20) 235-229.

India (2) defeats Chinese Taipei (3) 230-227.


South Korea (1) won against Indonesia (17) 231-220.

Malaysia (20) defeats Iran (11) 232-224.

Chinese Taipei (3) won against Kazakhstan (18) 232-227.

India (2) defeats Philippines (22) 227-226.

Compound Women's Team

Gold Medal Match

In another thrilling encounter, India took a two-point lead at the end of the first set. It was later neutralized by the Koreans at the end of the second round. The third round could not break the deadlock and the Indian's succumbed to the mounting pressure to yield in the final round to lose the Gold. India's Jyothi was in phenomenal form scoring 80 points with 4 finding the Bull's eye. India was let down by the only 8 pointers in the final which came through Madhumitha.

2014 Asian Games - Day 8
South Korea women Compound Team Gold medalist

South Korea (4) won against India (1) 231-228.

Bronze Medal Match

Taipei had a comfortable victory over Iran as they managed to maintain the lead throughout with consistent shooting.

Chinese Taipei (2) defeats Iran (16) 226-221.



South Korea (4) won against Iran (16) 231-228.

India (1) defeats Chinese Taipei (2) 225-222.


South Korea (4) won against Thailand (19) 233-226.

Iran (16) won against Kazakhstan (14) 224-217.

Chinese Taipei (2) defeats Malaysia (22) 225-221.

India (1) defeats Indonesia (18) 229-224.

Compound Mixed Team

Gold Medal Match

In a nail-biting encounter, Taipei clung on to a 1 point lead they achieved in the 3rd end to take the Gold.

Asian Games - Day 9
Chinese Taipei took the Gold in Mixed Compound Team

Chinese Taipei (9) defeats South Korea (1) 151-150.

Bronze Medal Match

Iran took the Bronze after Singapore's Chung Lee shot a 5 pointer which gave away the lead and the medal.

Iran (16) won against Singapore (36) 155-152.


South Korea (1) defeats Singapore (36) 156-152.

Chinese Taipei (9) defeats Iran (16) 153-138.


South Korea (1) defeats Indonesia (20) 153-148.

Singapore (36) defeats Philippines (23) 149-147.

Chinese Taipei (9) defeats Kazakhstan (22) 151-149.

Iran (16) won against India (3) 155-153.

1/8 Eliminations (Important Matches)

Singapore (36) defeats Malaysia (21) 153-152.

Kazakhstan (22) won against Vietnam (19) 155-151.

Overall going by the current World Rankings and the draw at the Asian Games, India was expected to get 2 Golds, 2 Silvers, and a Bronze. They eventually finished with 2 Silvers which sums up an average performance from the Archery team. But the youngsters in the team did get valuable experience competing against some great archers.

Published 31 Aug 2018, 06:45 IST
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