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India's Deepika Kumari wins Bronze at Samsun Archery World Cup Final

165   //    02 Oct 2018, 23:46 IST

Samsun 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup
Lee Eun Gyeong from Korea claimed the Gold in Recurve Women.

Ksenia Perova from Russia and Olympic Champion Chang Hye Jin are firm favourites for the Gold medal in the women's section Recurve event.

Recurve Mixed Team Final

After a tied first set World number one Korea dominated the match against Turkey to claim the Gold in the Recurve Mixed team event. The hosts succumbed to the pressure with Mete Gazoz registering a Seven-point score In round two.

Chang Hye-Jin, Kim Woojin
Chang Hye-Jin and Kim Woojin of Korea claimed the Recurve Mixed team Gold (Image Courtesy: inside the curve)

South Korea (1) (Chang Hye-Jin, Kim Woojin) defeats Turkey (4) (Yasemin Anagoz, Mete Gazoz) 5-1 (36-36, 37-35, 38-37)

Recurve Women


World number eleven Yasemin Anagoz of Turkey created a major upset by knocking off the reigning World number one Chang Hye-Jin of Korea in the quarter-finals, raising the host's nations expectations of claiming Gold. Rio Gold medalist Chang started well by winning the first set.

A weak display by her standards in the second scoring 25 points, handed the game to Yasemin. Chang took the third-set with two ten point scores, while Yasemin took the fourth set. In the deciding set, Chang started with an eight-point score. Yasemin capitalised on the opportunity and finished with two ten point scores to defeat the Korean.

Samsun 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup
Olympic Champion and World number one Chang Hye-Jin of Korea lost in the Quarter-finals

Yasemin Anagoz (11) (TUR) defeats Chang Hye-Jin (1) (KOR) 6-4 (28-29, 27-25, 27-29, 29-28, 29-27)

Twenty-four-year-old Deepika Kumari of India has 106 career wins, which is among the highest of the eight archers competing in this event. Both archers struggled to find any rhythm after a high-scoring first set where Deepika gained the advantage with a perfect 30 point score.

With her arrows scoring 9-8-9 points, Deepkia lost the second set. Both were unimpressive in the third set which ended in a deadlock. Deepika won the crucial fourth set with two ten-point scores. In the last set, Deepika's final arrow fetched her seven points.

But Lei Chien of Taipei scored eight points to tie the score and missed the opportunity of forcing a shoot-off.
Lei Chien-Ying of Taipei

Deepika Kumari (8) (IND) defeats Lei Chien-Ying (9) (TPE) 6-4 (30-28, 26-28, 27-27, 28-27, 26-26)

Thirty-year-old Lisa Unruh of Germany led from the start to suppress the challenge of Tan Ya-Ting of Taipei. Except for the fourth set which Tan Ya-Ting won, she shot terribly in the rest of the sets garnering an eight-point score to lose out to the German.

Lisa had one blip of a seven-point score in round three, but she managed to claim the set with her other two arrows scoring ten points.

Samsun 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup
Tan Ya-Ting of Chinese Taipei

Lisa Unruh (5) (GER) defeats Tan Ya-Ting (3) (TPE) 7-3 (28-27, 27-27, 27-26, 28-29, 28-26)

Twenty-one-year-old Lee Eun Gyeong thrashed the World number two Ksenia Perova 6-0 to book a place in the Semi-finals. Perova came up with her worst performance to score thirteen points in the third and deciding set, with a couple of four-point shots and a five-point arrow.

Lee shot better as she found the nine-pointers at will to close the match early with a couple of sets to spare.

Archery World Cup 2017 Stage 2 - Antalya
Lee of Korea humbled Ksenia Perova of Russia

Lee Eun Gyeong (4) (KOR) defeats Ksenia Perova (2) (RUS) 6-0 (28-27, 27-25, 27-13)


Deepika Kumari from India was unable to produce her best as she went down to Yasemin of Turkey in the semi-finals. Shooting a couple of eight-pointers and a seven-pointer she fell to a more consistent Turkish archer.

Yasemin Anagoz (11) (TUR) defeats Deepika Kumari (8) (IND) 7-3 (28-27, 28-28, 27-29, 27-26, 28-25)

Lee started off with a perfect 30 point score to claim the first set. She faded off in the second set with a couple of eight-pointers, as Lisa came back to claim the second and third sets. Lisa fell behind in the fourth and fifth set and lost to Lee, who dropped two points in the final two sets.

Samsun 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup
Lisa Unruh of Germany

Lee Eun Gyeong (4) (KOR) defeats Lisa Unruh (5) (GER) 6-4 (30-28, 26-28, 28-29, 29-26, 29-27)

Bronze Medal Match

In a match where both archers saw rounds of perfect shooting, coupled with some mediocre performances. Lisa started with a seven-point score of her first arrow to lose the first set. The lucky German who had two eight-point scores won the second set, aided by a four-point howler from the Indian.

Deepika came up with a perfect 30 point score to take the third set. The fourth set resulted in a tie, as Lisa claimed the fifth set to force a shoot-off. Both the archers scored nine points in the shoot-off when Deepika claimed the Bronze medal with the judge finding her arrow to be closer to the bull's eye. 

Antalya 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup
Bronze medalist Deepika Kumari from India

Deepika Kumari (8) (IND) defeats Lisa Unruh (5) (GER) 6-5 (Shoot-off 9*-9) (28-25, 22-25, 30-28, 28-28, 28-29)

Gold Medal Match

Her first arrow scoring a six-pointer, dented the Turkish archer's confidence as she failed to find the form which helped her enter the Gold medal contest. Lee shot a couple of eight pointers to lose the third set to Yasemin.

A tied final set handed the Gold medal to the Korean.

Samsun 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup
Silver medalist Yasemin Anagoz of Turkey

Lee Eun Gyeong (4) (KOR) defeats Yasemin Anagoz (11) (TUR) 6-4 (28-26, 28-28, 25-28, 28-27, 27-27)

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