Deepika Kumari's documentary 'Ladies First': Where to watch the archery star's film, synopsis, streaming details

Deepika Kumari
Deepika Kumari
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Deepika Kumari has put India on the world map in the sport of archery. She has won many top international competitions in archery. However, her journey to the top has not been easy. She faced some pretty adverse conditions in her life, but battled through them to become World No. 1.

Deepika Kumari's journey to becoming the face of Indian archery was summed up in her documentary 'Ladies first'. Here is a synopsis of the film and streaming details for the same.

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'Ladies First' Plot Synopsis

"Ladies First" speaks about the journey of the Indian archer Deepika Kumari from Ratu village in Jharkand to the top of world archery. Deepika Kumari came from a poor family. Her dad was an auto driver and her mom was a nurse. She took up archery just because food and shelter was provided there. But she was a generational talent and in no time she started making noise in the world of archery.

Deepika Kumari shot to fame in just 2 years after she started archery. Her triumph at the 2009 Youth World Archery Championships set the tone for a perfect career. Girls in rural India are not allowed to play sports. Deepika Kumari came from the same place. But she broke all stereotypes and became the face of Indian archery. The documentary then takes viewers through her career low when she lost at the London Olympics.

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Her reaction to the loss and how she had a dip in form post London was portrayed very well in the film. However, Deepika Kumari was not someone who would let things get to her. She fought back strongly and began preparations for the Rio Olympics. The documentary shows how determined she was to prove the doubters wrong. Things looked absolutely fine until an injury occurred ahead of Rio.

Just 150 days prior to the Olympics, India's number one archer suffered an injury setback putting her Olympic participation in jeopardy. She did manage to make the trip but she returned from the 2016 Rio Olympics on the back of a disappointing performance

While giving her piece to the camera, Deepika Kumari breaks down when asked about a question related to the Rio Olympics. The documentary ends at Seraikella, Deepika Kumari's first academy. Her friendly interaction with the archers is captivating. The way they admire her is a testimony to the legacy she has built in her career.

Deepika Kumari's documentary details and awards

The documentary was directed and produced by the husband-wife duo of Uraaz Bahl and Shaana Levy Bahl. The documentary was released on May 8, which is celebrated as International Women's day. It did extremely well at international film festivals.

The film won awards at the London Independent Film Festival. It was awarded as the best documentary at the New York Film Awards. Another big award that the documentary received was the Best Inspirational film at the Los Angeles Film Awards. It was also screened at the Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival.

Where to watch Deepika Kumari's documentary?

Deepika Kumari's documentary 'Ladies First' is only available on Netflix. It was released on May 8, 2018 and is available in 28 different languages.

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