Korea Dominate Men's Recurve winning Gold and Silver at Samsun World Cup Final

Samsun 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup
Kim Woojin of Korea claimed his third Gold at the Archery World cup Finals
Richard Arul Savary

Pre-tournament favourites Kim Woojin and Lee Woo Seok from Korea are strong contenders to stake a place for the Gold medal. Experienced Brady Ellison from the US and teenage sensation Mete Gazoz from Turkey are expected to challenge the Koreans for the medals.

Recurve Men Final

World number two Lee Woo Seok of Korea won the first and third sets, sealed the victory against Nespoli of Italy with a perfect closing set scoring 30 points. Lee of Korea achieved nine arrows in the inner tenth ring, while Nespoli shot six.

Samsun 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup
Mauro Nespoli of Italy lost to Lee Woo Seok of Korea in the Quarters

Lee Woo Seok (2) (KOR) defeats Mauro Nespoli (4) (ITA) 7-3 (29-27, 27-29, 29-28, 28-28, 30-28)

Experience Archer Brady Ellison from America comprehensively outplayed Fatih Bozlar from Turkey to enter the semis. Bozlar never threatened the American after a couple of his arrows scored seven and eight points to lose out tamely.

Fatih Bozlar of Turkey lost to Brady Ellison from the USA

Brady Ellison (7) (USA) defeats Fatih Bozlar (78) (TUR) 7-1 (29-25, 28-28, 29-27, 29-27)

Australian Taylor Worth upset pre-tournament favourite Mete Gazoz of Turkey to book his place in the semi-finals. Taylor clinched the opening set after Gazoz shot an eight-pointer. Gazoz came back taking the second set, while the third set went to Taylor.

The fourth set was a tie with both archers scoring a series of nine-pointers. Taylor closed the decisive last set after scoring ten points from his final arrow.

Samsun 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup
Mete Gazoz of Turkey was upset by Taylor Worth from Australia

Taylor Worth (14) (AUS) defeats Mete Gazoz (6) (TUR) 7-3 (29-28, 28-29, 29-28, 27-27, 29-28)

Defending Champion Kim Woojin defeated Steve Wijler in a battle of the pre-tournament favourites. World number one Steve Wijler from the Netherlands started with a bang scoring 30 points to claim the first set.

After a tied second set, Korean Kim restored parity by winning the third-set. The fourth set was again a tie as both archers went into a decisive fifth and final set. Kim won the set scoring ten points from his final arrow to enter the semis as Steve managed to shoot only nine points.

Samsun 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup
World number one Steve Wijler of the Netherlands lost out to eventual Champion Kim Woojin of Korea

Kim Woojin (3) (KOR) defeats Steve Wijler (1) (NED) 6-4 (27-30, 28-28, 29-27, 27-27, 29-28)


World number two Lee Woo Seok had a comfortable victory over Brady Ellison of the USA to book a place in the Finals. After the first two sets got shared among the two archers, Lee won the third and fourth set, to finish victorious.

Lee Woo Seok (2) (KOR) defeats Brady Ellison (7) (USA) 6-2 (29-28, 29-30, 30-28, 29-28)

Taylor Worth of Australia almost pulled off an upset over Kim of Korea before running out of steam with three eight-point shots in the final two sets to lose out on the Gold medal match. Kim down by 2-4 at the end of the third, was revived by a weak 26 point score in the fourth set from Taylor. Kim shot a perfect 30 point score in the last set to stake a place for the Gold medal.

Samsun 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup
Taylor Worth from Australia finished fourth at Samsun

Kim Woojin (3) (KOR) defeats Taylor Worth (14) (AUS) 6-4 (29-28, 29-30, 28-29, 28-26, 30-28)

Bronze Medal Match

In a thrilling Bronze medal match, Brady Ellison summoned all his experience to overcome a tough Australian to claim Bronze. Both the archers started with a perfect 30 point score to tie the first set. Ellison surged into the lead taking the second set.

The third-set got tied, and Taylor came back to take the fourth, as Ellison struggled with a couple of eight-point shots in rounds three and four. The last set ended in a tie, with Ellison scoring a ten in the shoot-off to win Bronze.

Samsun 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup
Brady Ellison from the USA claimed the Bronze

Brady Ellison (7) (USA) defeats Taylor Worth (14) (AUS) 6-5 (Shoot-off 10-9) (30-30, 29-27, 28-28, 27-29, 28-28)

Gold Medal Match

Kim Woojin pocketed his third world cup final title after 2012 Tokyo and 2017 Rome defeating compatriot Lee in Samsun. Twenty-six-year-old Kim took an early four sets to nil lead before the third-set ended in a tie.

Lee took the fourth set with a perfect score of 30 points. Kim returned the favour by clinching the Gold with a 30 point score in the last set. Twenty-one-year-old Lee lost his second match to Kim after the Asian Games finals at Jakarta in August 2018.

World number two Lee had a tremendous debut season finishing on the podium in five major events.

Samsun 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup
Lee Woo Seok of Korea claimed the Silver

Kim Woojin (3) (KOR) defeats Lee Woo Seok (2) 7-3 (29-28, 28-27, 28-28, 29-30, 30-28)

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