"If you put your mind to anything with good intent, anything is achievable"- Para javelin thrower Pushpinder

10th Fazza International IPC Athletics Grand Prix Competition - World Para Athletics Grand Prix
Pushpinder is among the many para athletes who have benefitted from the extra attention given to para sports in recent years

Indian para javelin thrower Pushpinder is being featured in the Mission Made Possible television series on the SONY network which aims to showcase the inspirational journey of Indian para-athletes. This series highlights the hardships they went through and how they overcame them.

Indian para-athletes, notably in the past decade, have consistently risen to the occasion to perform well in international tournaments. With 19 medals including five gold, eight silver, and six bronze medals - the 2021 Tokyo Paralympics was Indiaโ€™s best-ever outing.

Speaking about the same, Pushpinder shed some light on the changes that para-sports has seen over the years. The interest seems to be growing among sporting enthusiasts for para-athletes. In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda, he explained:

"Ever since the 2021 Paralympics, there has been a lot of change in the para-sports community. They have been getting a bit of reach and support. It's going well. Para athletes put in extra effort. Despite their struggles and prevailing problems, we still go out and perform, train, and deliver with all our hearts and minds."

Pushpinder, who started with cricket, had to take a step back due to lack of support. Speaking about the same, he said:

"I have played cricket for 7-8 years. I got to know about para cricket. Wanted to know more details about it. There is a friend of mine who told me about it and said you can do it. I had great power in my hand. I broke the stumps with my throw a few times. Looking at that, my friend advised me to try javelin."

He then added:

"I want to tell everyone that there is no age or limit for doing anything. If you put your mind to anything with good intent, anything is achievable. Look at your parents and their hard work to keep them close to you and give them a good life."

A journey from cricket to javelin throw for Pushpinder

For Pushpinder, his sporting journey started as a cricketer. However, after several years of back and forth, he found para athletics to be serving his purpose.

Speaking about the same, he said:

"At first, I didn't know about para games. I used to play cricket and usually anyone woth disability grabs the attention. When I used to play cricket, I used to feel awkward. I had to leave cricket โ€“ because lack of financial support and sponsorship and didn't see any future in it. That's when someone introduced me to para games."
"I then looked it up on YouTube about the other sporting disciplines that are in Para Games. Within one year of para athletics, I got sponsors and support โ€“ so continuing para sports."
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Pushpinder abides by the credo of 'hard work and positive intent'. He believes that no matter what the situation is, you can always find a way.

"The first time I appeared for a trial, I got a gold medal there. Then in the nationals, I finished fifth. I left this and went back to cricket again and wasted three years. However, in 2021, I got back to para athletics and played for the state level where I could clear the distance of 49m.
"Later, I played nationals where I managed a 52m throw. Since then, I have taken the sport seriously and have been working hard since then."

Mission Made Possible series: Streaming details

The Mission Made Possible series is being telecasted daily at 6:00 PM (IST) on SONY TEN 2 and SONY TEN 2 HD channels. The series began airing on September 5 and will continue until September 14. It can also be watched on Sony LIV.

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