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2012 Writer Awards: Badminton Writer of the Year

News 04 Dec 2012, 19:55 IST

Our announcement of the winners of the 2012 Sportskeeda Writer Awards continues! Today’s category: Badminton Writer of the Year.

50% weight was given to the reader votes, while 50% weight was given to the choices of our elite panel of judges. Based on this judgment criterion, here are the writers who made it to the nominations list:

Dev Sukumar

Suhrid Barua

And the winner is….Dev Sukumar!

Congratulations Dev, you are officially the 2012 Badminton Writer of the Year at Sportskeeda! Well done!

Congratulations to Suhrid too! You are truly an invaluable part of Sportskeeda’s badminton team.

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