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5 must-follow etiquettes for badminton players

 It is very important to be ethical on and off the badminton court
 It is very important to be ethical on and off the badminton court
Modified 28 Feb 2020, 13:16 IST

Sports teaches one to be respectful towards each other. It is important to be respectful towards your opponents. The essence of a game like badminton involves having a good attitude. It isn't just about having good etiquette on the court, being ethical off-court is equally important.

Learning the right attitude, treating everyone the same and helping each other is all part of the badminton spirit and sportsmanship. How you present yourself on the court is a reflection of the kind of player you are and will be. Sticking to the rules and abiding the laws of badminton will help shape you into becoming a better player.

Here is a list of 5 etiquettes that one should keep in mind while playing badminton:

#1 Never mock the weaker

Beginners need encouragement to progress
Beginners need encouragement to progress

Poking fun at someone and laughing at their mistakes is the worst thing you can do. Even if you are a better player, you should respect everyone who comes to play. Laughing at others mistakes is not only rude but very disrespectful. Everyone is a beginner at some point, and everyone learns at a different pace.

This sort of behaviour is very unethical and it can discourage the person to play further. One must keep a good sportsmanship spirit and encourage people of all levels to play.When a player makes mistakes, the right thing to do is to motivate them and help them learn the right way.

#2 Don't disturb the players on the court

 Talking while others are playing isn
 Talking while others are playing isn't appreciated

When people are on the court and trying to play a game, people should respect that and not do anything that will be distracting to them. Often when people are waiting off the court for their turn to play, they tend to ignore the fact that others are playing and that they shouldn't talk loudly or answer their phones. These things can be quite annoying for people who are playing and can hamper their focus.

Other things that can be distracting to the people should be avoided too. For instance eating loudly, unnecessarily cheering for one player and running around off-court can be really distracting to the players who are playing.

In order to maintain decorum and ethical behaviour at the badminton court, it is important to wait or spectate quietly while others play.

#3 Don't cheat

Cheating on the line will hamper your image
Cheating on the line will hamper your image

We see cheating happen in sports even on an international scale, which leaves a very bad impression on others. Whenever you're playing a match or just practicing, one important ethic you should always keep in mind is, to never cheat. If you are not sure where the shuttle landed, i.e in or out, give your opponent the benefit of the doubt.

This practice is not only ethical but it will also shape you to become a better player. By cheating one tends to get a bad name and their reputation goes south. By cheating, you aren't truly winning or achieving anything. Small things like intentionally giving the wrong line decisions can create fights that can be avoided completely.

#4 Never play with your mouthful

Playing with your mouthful is not considered proper
Playing with your mouthful is not considered proper

Do you remember how people say, "Don't chew with your mouth full!" Well, the same goes for Badminton.

While playing one must never chew food. Some people pop a quick bite in their mouth and run on the court. This is seen as a sign of disrespect. It looks very poor if one plays with food in their mouth.

Even things like chewing gum and playing must be avoided. It shows a lack of manners and respect for others who are playing with you. Not only does it show poor etiquette, but it is harmful too. Since badminton is a sport which involves running and quick movements, choking is a real possibility. It is always better to finish eating and then starting to play, or waiting till you've finished playing.

#5 Not using the proper equipment

Wearing the right gear is important
Wearing the right gear is important

While playing badminton, make sure you wear the right gear. Badminton gear is different from other sports especially when it comes to shoes and one must stick to the appropriate ones. Beginners who are just trying out badminton tend to wear their normal running shoes instead of buying the right ones.

Badminton shoes are special non-marking shoes that should be worn only indoors and on a wooden surface. The reason being that it doesn't leave any marks on the flooring of the court and it gives a proper grip to the player. Wearing tennis or running shoes on the badminton court can do damage to it and can even cause you to slip and fall.

When it comes to clothing, it is ethical to dress correctly. There is a certain type of attire to wear. It is unpleasant to see someone come in jeans or denim shorts to play. A certain type of dress code must be maintained at all times.

Published 28 Feb 2020, 13:16 IST
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