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5 sports which you did not know originated in India

Sagnik Kundu
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Published 15 Oct 2016, 09:58 IST
15 Oct 2016, 09:58 IST
Snooker was played by the British Army in India

Several important things have been invented in India and the country's contribution in the field of sports cannot be undermined. A rich tradition of games and sports has been omnipresent in India since the ancient times. The tradition has been passed on through generations breaking the barriers of social divisions. 

Various games which are now popular all around the world owe their origins in India. While many know that Kabaddi had its origin in India, not many know what other sports had their roots in Indian soil. These games transmitted to foreign countries from here, before they underwent further modification.

The spirit of sportsmanship in India can be dated back to the ancient era and Indians have always been enthusiastic when it comes to sport. The country has excelled in most of the different sports throughout time.

Here is a compilation of five sports which you did not know originated in India.

#5 Snooker

The modern form of snooker originated in the late 19th century. The British Army officers stationed in India played billiards regularly, and the game was improvised by them around that time.

During 1874 or 1875, a variation of the game using coloured balls in addition to the reds and black were used for pyramid pool and life pool at the officer’s mess in Jabalpur. Soon, in 1884, Sir Neville Chamberlain first formally finalised the rules of the game in Ooty, an Indian hill-station.

The name ‘snooker’ is also directly derived from military colloquial ‘snooker’, which was a slang used for first-year cadets and inexperienced personnel. The popularity of the sport grew in proportions in England although it was primarily known as a gentleman’s game.

In India, Pankaj Advani, who is the first player who won both the points format and the time format titles in the World Billiards Championship in the year 2005, has been the pioneer of the sport in the recent years.

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