Thailand Open 2023: Results at the end of Day 1

Daihatsu Yonex Japan Open - Day 2
Daihatsu Yonex Japan Open - Day 2

Following the conclusion of the Malaysia Masters 2023, the Thailand Open 2023 is getting the attention of the badminton community. This prestigious Super 500 tournament, which started on May 30, 2023, has players and fans alike buzzing with anticipation.

The Thailand Open 2023 is renowned for its intense competition and exciting matches and is long recognized as a badminton competition of the highest caliber. Some of the top-ranked players in the world congregate in Thailand for the Super 500 event with the intention of showcasing their talents and competing for glory on the global stage.

The Thailand Open 2023 presents a significant opportunity for players to establish their dominance in the badminton world and gain important ranking points as the anticipation for the tournament grows. Athletes can also use it as a crucial stepping stone to hone their skills and assess their readiness for forthcoming competitions, such as important championships and the eagerly anticipated Olympic Games.

The fact that Sameer Verma, Kiran George, and Ashmita Chaliha, three Indian shuttlers, made it through the qualifying rounds and into the singles event's main draw, is exciting.

Fans have already been enthralled by their outstanding performances and unwavering resolve, which will undoubtedly add to the tournament's suspense.

Thailand Open 2023: Day 1 Results (Indians only)

Men's Singles Qualification (Round 1)

Sameer Verma (India) beats Yeoh Seng Zoe (Malaysia) 2-0

Scores: 21-12, 21-17

Sankar Muthusamy (India) beats Rohan Midha (England) 2-0

Scores: 21-12, 21-15

Kartikey Gulshan Kumar (India) lost to Kiran George (India) 0-2

Scores: 14-21, 12-21

Meiraba Luwang Maisnam (India) lost to Leong Jun Hao (Malaysia) 1-2

Scores: 21-16, 5-21, 16-21

Harshit Aggarwal (India) lost to Chi Yu Jen (Chinese Taipei) 0-2

Scores: 13-21, 7-21

Men's Singles Qualification (Round 2)

Sankar Muthusamy (India) lost to Sholeh Aidil (Malaysia) 0-2

Scores: 17-21, 14-21

Women's Single Qualification (Round 1)

Srivedya Gurazada (United States of America) beat Tanya Hemanth (India) 2-1

Scores: 21-13, 14-21, 21-18

Malvika Bansod (India) lost to Gao Fang Jie (China)

Scores: Walkover

Ashmita Chaliha (Inida) beat Unnati Hooda (India) 2-1

Scores: 21-16, 13-21, 21-19

Women’s Singles Qualification (Round 2)

Ashmita Chaliha (India) beat Kristian Kuuba (Estonia) 2-0

Scores: 21-19, 21-11

Women’s Doubles Qualification (Round 1)

Ornnicha Jongsathapornparn/Napha Samart (Thailand) beat Palak Arora/Unnati Hooda (India) 2-0

Scores: 21-10, 21-15

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