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Sudirman Cup 2019 Results

DateTeam 1 vs Team 2ResultMatch
19-May-2019Indonesia vs England4-1Group 1B
19-May-2019Canda vs Singapore3-2Group 2B
19-May-2019Netherlands vs Vietnam3-2Group 2A
19-May-2019France vs United States4-1Group 2A
19-May-2019Ireland vs Nepal5-0Group 3A
19-May-2019China vs Malaysia5-0Group 1D
19-May-2019Chinese Taipei vs Hong Kong3-2Group 1C
19-May-2019Germany vs Israel3-2Group 2B
19-May-2019Macau vs Greenland5-0Group 4A
19-May-2019Australia vs New Zealand4-1Group 3A
20-May-2019Japan vs Russia3-2Group 1A
20-May-2019France vs Vietnam4-1Group 2A
20-May-2019Switzerland vs Lithuania4-1Group 3B
20-May-2019Netherlands vs United States5-0Group 2A
20-May-2019Sri Lanka vs Slovakia4-1Group 3B
20-May-2019Denmark vs England2-3Group 1B
20-May-2019Korea vs Hong Kong4-1Group 1C
20-May-2019Germany vs Singapore3-2Group 2B
20-May-2019Canada vs Israel5-0Group 2B
21-May-2019India vs Malaysia2-3Group 1D
21-May-2019United States vs Vietnam2-3Group 2A
21-May-2019Australia vs Nepal3-2Group 3A
21-May-2019Kazakhstan vs Greenland4-1Group 4A
21-May-2019Ireland vs New Zealand3-2Group 3A
21-May-2019Thailand vs Russia3-2Group 1A
21-May-2019Netherlands vs France2-3Group 2A
21-May-2019Sri Lanka vs Lithuania5-0Group 3B
21-May-2019Switzerland vs Slovakia5-0Group 3B
22-May-2019China vs India5-0Group 1D
22-May-2019Chinese Taipei vs Korea2-3Group 1C
22-May-2019Germany vs Canada2-3Group 2B
22-May-2019Singapore vs Israel4-1Group 2B
22-May-2019Ireland vs Australia3-2Group 3A
22-May-2019Indonesia vs Denmark2-3Group 1B
22-May-2019Japan vs Thailand4-1Group 1A
22-May-2019Switzerland vs Sri Lanka2-3Group 3B
22-May-2019Slovakia vs Lithuania4-1Group 3B
22-May-2019New Zealand vs Nepal4-1Group 3A
23-May-2019Macau vs Kazakhstan3-2Group 4A
23-May-2019China vs Denmark3-1Quarterfinals
23-May-2019Korea vs Thailand1-3Quarterfinals
24-May-2019Chinese Taipei vs Indonesia2-3Quarterfinals
24-May-2019Malysia vs Japan0-3Quarterfinals
25-May-2019China vs Thailand3-0Semi-finals
25-May-2019Indonesia vs Japan1-3Semi-finals
26-May-2019China vs Japan3-0Finals

Sudirman Cup 2019: China demolish Japan 3-0 to regain the title

Sudirman Cup 2019: China demolish Japan 3-0 to regain the title

Sudirman Cup 2019: Li and Liu give China the lead in the final

Sudirman Cup 2019: Li and Liu give China the lead in the final

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