5 most essential loot items in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

Vital loot items in Battlegrounds Mobile India
Vital loot items in Battlegrounds Mobile India
Francis Banerjee

After months of speculation, Krafton finally released Battlegrounds Mobile India on July 2nd, marking the return of PUBG Mobile to the Indian gaming community.

Since then, gamers have been engaging themselves in various Battle Royale matches to be the last man/team standing. BGMI has garnered a lot of attention, completing over 34 million registered players within ten days of release.

The primary loot in Battlegrounds Mobile India plays a vital role in determining the overall result of the game. As a result, gamers are often confused about which items to take and which ones to discard.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Balanced loot is essential for success of gamers

1) Scope

It goes without saying that scope plays a significant role in determining the outcome of any Battlegrounds Mobile India match. The game offers a wide range of scopes, starting from the primary Red Dot Sight to the mighty 8x scope.

Usually, gamers carry two weapons with them. They should emphasize putting different kinds of scope in the two guns.

For weapons used for short-range combat, users can use the Red Dot or the Holographic scope. For mid-range fights, the 3x and 4x scopes do a commendable job.

In long-range combat, players should always opt for the 6x and 8x scope.

2) Attachables


There are various attachables found across the map that enhance the performance of the guns. Gamers should use them to gain an edge over enemies in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

First of all, they should add an Extended Magazine that increases the bullet capacity of the gun. During close-range fights, the extra bullets draw a fine line between surviving and being defeated.

Another confusion that prevails among players is regarding the muzzle attachments. While some prefer to attach silencers to their guns, it is advisable to opt for compensators as it keeps the recoil in check and results in a better spray of ammo.

3) Consumables

To be the last man/team standing, gamers will be required to fight with enemies. It can be said without a doubt that they will be shot at, and their health will go down considerably.

Therefore, players should carry adequate medical equipment to restore health. Other consumables such as painkillers and energy drinks should also be held as they give an added boost to gamers.

4) Proper protective gears


Battlegrounds Mobile India provides three types of protective gear. Level 1 vests and helmets are easy to come across as they spawn at almost every location on the map.

Level 2 vests and helmets are not rare finds, and gamers usually get hold of them sometime after dropping onto the map.

Level 3 vests and helmets are rare finds and are often found in airdrops. However, they spawn in limited numbers on the island, and players should keep an eye out for them.

5) Throwables


Without a proper strategy, winning becomes quite challenging in Battlegrounds Mobile India. At times, gamers need to use various techniques to get enemies within firing range. At other times, they need distractions to escape the situation and survive.

During these situations, throwables come in handy. Users should always take adequate Frag Grenades, Stun Grenades, or even Molotov Cocktails to cause damage to opponents.

Smoke grenades should also be carried in Battlegrounds Mobile India as it creates a region of smoke when deployed that makes escape easier, especially during enemy ambushes.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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