Best graphics settings to get more FPS in BGMI and PUBG Mobile

Best graphics settings for more FPS in BGMI and PUBG Mobile (Image via Krafton)
Best graphics settings for more FPS in BGMI and PUBG Mobile (Image via Krafton)
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BGMI and PUBG Mobile are two popular Battle Royale titles developed by Krafton. Battlegrounds Mobile India is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile and offers a regional in-game experience. PUBG Mobile targets the global Battle Royale audience and offers the events accordingly.

Both games have similar graphics and other settings. Players can customize these settings to improve their gameplay. However, some players are not familiar with the graphics settings and can boost their FPS.

With more FPS, players will get much smoother gameplay and would be able to push their ranks or maintain a good F/D ratio. This article discusses the best graphic settings to get more FPS in BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

Best BGMI and PUBG Mobile graphics settings

Graphics settings (Image via Krafton)
Graphics settings (Image via Krafton)

PUBG Mobile and BGMI offer the following graphic settings:

  • Graphics: Smooth, Balanced, HD, HDR, Ultra HD, UHD
  • Frame rates: Low, Medium, High, Ultra, Extreme, 90 fps
  • Style: Classic, Colorful, Realistic, Soft, Movie
  • Anti-Aliasing: Close, 2x, 4x
  • Colorblind Mode: Normal, Deuternopia, Protanopia, Tritanopia

The 90 fps is only available on selected Apple and Android devices. The Ultra HD graphics settings are available on the most high-end smartphones. It offers 4K graphics and runs the game in 40 FPS. Both titles offer an auto-adjust graphics option which lowers settings automatically on FPS fluctuations.

Here are the different FPS options that players can get by adjusting their graphic settings:

  • Smooth+Low- 20-25 FPS
  • Smooth+Medium- 25-30 FPS
  • Smooth+High- 30 FPS
  • Smooth+Ultra- 40 FPS
  • Smooth+Extreme- 60 FPS
  • Smooth+90 fps- 90 FPS

The most suitable graphic setting for more FPS is to set graphics options to smooth and have the highest available Frame Rate settings like Ultra and Extreme. However, players can lower the frame rate settings if the device generates heat.

Tips to boost FPS in BGMI and PUBG Mobile

1) Clear background memory


Players are recommended to clear the background memory of their smartphone to get smooth gameplay. It is advised as various apps keep using the RAM in the background, which lowers the amount of memory available to run the game smoothly.

2) Good network connection


The second tip is to use a stable data connection. Players with bad networks will have various lag issues, ruining their gaming experience. Hence, players are advised to use a high-quality internet service provider, which will reduce the chances of any lag caused due to network errors.

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