Best way to get free UC in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

Gamers can buy exclusive items with UCs in BGMI
Gamers can buy exclusive items with UCs in BGMI

Krafton Inc. has recently rolled out the official version of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The battle royale title is mostly similar to PUBG Mobile in terms of maps, weapons, gameplay, and even in-game currencies.

Initially, it was anticipated that the in-game currency would change and slightly differ from PUBG Mobile. However, with the release of the title, it was evident that the developers have kept the old UC currency in the game.

Players can buy UCs in the game using real money to purchase exclusive in-game items and even the Royal Pass. However, UCs are expensive, and not many players can afford them.

This article will share a few ways in which gamers can get hold of free UCs in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Claim free UC to purchase exclusive in-game items

1) Google Opinion Rewards

In the real world, giving out opinions will only lead to trouble and a bit of criticism from others. However, in the virtual world, not only will opinions be valued but they will also be rewarded with money. It might sound surprising, but Google does the exact same thing through its Opinion Rewards application.

This application is available on the Google Play Store, and players need to enter their basic details to get started with it. Upon completion of the account setup, players will be receiving short tasks and surveys. Answering these surveys will reward gamers with Google Play Store credits. Players can use these credits to buy UC in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

2) GPT websites

GetPaidTo websites are becoming quite popular among gamers in recent times. These websites consist of several actions that can be completed to earn specific rewards. Often players are asked about various quizzes, tasks, and even to download and review specific games to earn rewards.

Gamers can redeem the rewards after reaching a certain milestone on such websites. There are numerous websites on the internet, and players can use them to buy UCs in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Gamers can earn money through GPT websites
Gamers can earn money through GPT websites

3) Applications on the Google Play Store

Several applications in the Google Play Store perform a similar set of actions as the GPT websites. Players are required to complete simple tasks in order to claim free rewards, and some even pay to watch advertisements and other video streams.


Poll Pay is a popular application that gamers can use to claim rewards to buy UCs in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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