BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) Tesla super factory guide: All you need to know

Tesla super factory produces Tesla Model Y (Image via Krafton)
Tesla super factory produces Tesla Model Y (Image via Krafton)

Battlegrounds Mobile India has entered its first collaborative event following the release of the v1.50 APK. The Tesla collaboration has introduced a new Battle Royale mode to the game that has fascinated gamers with its futuristic aesthetic.

The "Ignition" mode features several new items in BGMI. Gamers are introduced to the Hyperloop transport system, new weapons, as well as a new hoverbike in the game. Several super factories are spread across the map that have garnered a whole lot of attention ever since the most recent version was rolled out.

BGMI: Tesla collaboration rolls out self-driven cars in the game

As mentioned above, the Ignition mode in BGMI has a number of Tesla super factories spread across the map. Gamers will notice a handful of blue markers in the mini map. These blue markers are the locations of the new Tesla super factories.

Gamers will be required to complete certain missions, upon completion of which, the Tesla Model Y production line will get to work and prepare a brand new car for them.

The Tesla Model Y in BGMI is an actual replica of the original car. The BGMI version has the same design and possesses similar features as the original.

Vehicles are an important part of Battle Royal games as they provide extra mobility, helping players to evade an enemy ambush and fall back to the safe zone.

The Tesla Model Y in BGMI adds to the list of vehicles that can be found in BGMI. The new car is easier to drive and has better suspension and speed that make it superior to most other vehicles on the map.

The Tesla Model Y in BGMI comes with an automatic drive option. Gamers will be required to select the auto-drive option and choose a destination from the mini map.

The auto-drive feature of the Tesla Model Y avoids traffic and other obstacles along the way to its destination. The auto-drive feature is beneficial to gamers as they won't have to occupy themselves with driving to their destinations. They can instead arm themselves and keep an eye on enemy activity along the route.

Gamers should also take note that during the production line of the Tesla Model Y in BGMI, they will get a special Tesla supply box.

This special Tesla box could contain important supplies and weapons, and players should take stock of it before driving away with the Tesla Model Y.

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