How to level up faster in BGMI this month (February 2022)

Leveling up faster and reaching Conqueror in BGMI (Image via Krafton)
Leveling up faster and reaching Conqueror in BGMI (Image via Krafton)
Samarjit Paul

BGMI's popularity has resulted in many new players joining and enjoying the game. However, several players compete against each other and engage in rank push to reach the elite tier of 'Conqueror' or 'Ace.'

As of February 2022, the ongoing Cycle 2 Season 4 has also witnessed a lot of players trying to level up faster to receive the rank rewards. Since the game is based on strategies, the players need to know how to level up faster.

Here are a few tips that will help them earn more points from each match.

What are the best tips to follow in February 2022 for leveling up faster in BGMI?

1) Try to earn more survival points


The new ranking system in Battlegrounds Mobile India focuses on survival in classic battle royale mode matches. The survival points constitute almost 70 percent of the total points earned from each game.

To survive longer, players need to avoid landing in hot drops and disengage from unnecessary fights. Although hot drops help earn more kill points, it also increases the risk of facing early elimination from matches.

2) Play with a regular squad


Most users trying to level up faster play with a regular squad in the ongoing Cycle 2 Season 4, as it helps in better communication.

In BR mode, synergy plays a crucial role, and therefore playing with the same teammates in most matches will help players understand their game style, resulting in the team performing better in the long run.

On the other hand, randoms neglect the calls and avoid making communication, resulting in the downfall of the entire team and handing the rank pushers negative points. Therefore, they must stick to playing with the same teammates.

3) Practice in the training ground


Like most other Battle Royale games, BGMI follows the mantra: "Practice is the key to success." The developers have incorporated an in-game training ground that helps players improve their reflexes, aims, and sprays.

The training ground can be visited from the in-game Cheer Park. Players who practice on the training ground regularly perform better in the classic matches and are the first ones to reach the Conqueror tier every season.

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