“Battlegrounds Mobile India is huge and we cannot wait to give a great experience to all our loyal fans during Championship 3.0”: Shiva Nandy, Founder/CEO, Skyesports

Shiva Nandy, Founder/CEO, Skyesports
Shiva Nandy, Founder/CEO, Skyesports

Battlegrounds Mobile India has dramatically impacted the Indian mobile esports ecosystem since its official Android launch a week ago.

Tournament hosts are already gearing up to help make Krafton’s latest game the best esports title in the region. So it’s pretty safe to say that Battlegrounds Mobile India is indeed picking up where PUBG Mobile left off.

Shiva Nandy’s announcement (Image via Shiva Nandy)
Shiva Nandy’s announcement (Image via Shiva Nandy)

Skyesports also recently announced its very first invitational on Battlegrounds Mobile India, called “Streamers Showdown,” which is also the first officially licensed third-party tournament for the game.

In an exclusive interaction with Abhishek Mallick of Sportskeeda Esports, Founder/CEO, Skyesports, Shiva Nandy, opened up about the invitational, future tournaments, and Battlegrounds Mobile India’s potential.

Here is an excerpt of the conversation.

Q. With Battlegrounds Mobile India finally live for Android devices, what sort of community participation have you seen towards the title in the past week? Did it rival the energy and spirit that PUBG Mobile received, or was it able to transcend that?

Shiva: Battlegrounds Mobile India was the most awaited game, and the craze and excitement from the community only increased more. There were over 40 million pre-registrations before it could go live, and that’s the interest of the young community towards the game.

Q. Skyesports has announced one of the first (of many) Battlegrounds Mobile India invitationals for the community, called “Streamers Showdown.” Can you tell us about some of the thoughts that went behind this event, along with some of your expectations from the competition?

Shiva: The idea behind Streamers Showdown is straightforward. To give a platform to a lot of content creators and streamers from the region who need exposure.

There are many talents here who can prove to be good only if they get an opportunity, and we are providing exactly that. We are expecting high-level competition and a lot of new and upcoming professional teams.

It is also a gateway for many other streamers and creators who will be added to the upcoming tournaments.

Q. What is interesting about this invitation is that it will only be featuring 16 regional content creators and video games personalities. Any special reason behind setting up this sort of format?

Shiva: The regional aspect was brought in because they also wanted a platform. The first-party tournaments are usually filled with top streamers and gamers. Skyesports saw the opportunity in this, and we wanted to build something for the talent pool here, which eventually will help them grow big.

Q. What was Krafton’s take on Skyesports focusing on regional representation for the time being?

Shiva: Krafton was equally excited when they heard about the idea. It will also help the publisher find local and regional talents, so they are supportive of initiatives.

Q. Skyesports fans will most definitely expert the organization to plan something massive around Battlegrounds Mobile India for their upcoming championship 3.0. Will their expectations be met in the coming months?

Shiva: Definitely! Not just the fans, even internally, we are excited for the things that are planned. BGMI is enormous, and we cannot wait to give a great experience to all our loyal fans.

The Skyesports Championship 3.0 is around the corner, and we are working at full speed.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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