“Battlegrounds Mobile India’s iOS launch could not have come at a better time”: Luv “GodNixon” Sharma

Luv “GodNixon” Sharma on BGMI iOS release
Luv “GodNixon” Sharma on BGMI iOS release
Abhishek Mallick

Battlegrounds Mobile India has finally launched on iOS, and the nation’s mobile gaming community is elated with how well Krafton’s latest title plays on both devices.

The game’s iOS release comes exactly after 47 days of the Android launch, and this announcement has been one of the most anticipated news since the title was announced a couple of months ago.

Battlegrounds Mobile India has garnered a massive 50 million-plus downloads on Android alone and in a concise period of time. The title’s popularity will skyrocket even further when the iOS version is finally available across all Apple devices.


Battlegrounds Mobile India's YouTube channel uploaded a video where some of the most notorious mobile game streamers and content creators got together to officiate the release.

Luv “GodNixon” Sharma played a key role in the hype video and is one of the top content creators in the nation. He's been helping push the game and clarify doubts of the community.

Sportskeeda Esports recently got an opportunity to talk with GodNixon and learn about some of his expectations regarding the future of Battlegrounds Mobile India Esports and what it means to his channel now that the game is out on all major platforms.

Luv “GodNixon” Sharma on Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS launch

Luv: Battlegrounds Mobile India’s iOS launch could not have come at a better time, as the game’s first official tournament is right around the corner.

Community members were confused when the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 was announced weeks earlier, as the game was only out for Android devices. iOS users were feeling left out, and many felt that the first Krafton BGMI tournament would not take off on equal footing.


Hence, it’s quite momentous to finally have the game on both these major platforms right before the tournament is scheduled to kick off. This will improve community participation in the events, and I feel that it will provide the game’s Esports scene a tremendous boost.

When it comes to the video that some of the other creators and I made to inaugurate the launch, all I can say is that it brought me great joy to have been one of the faces that announced the release. It was my pleasure to give the Battlegrounds Mobile India fans what they wanted for such a long time.

Moreover, the iOS launch will have a significant impact on my channel as well. Now that the game is available on both these major platforms, my fans can look forward to a lot of unique and amazing content from me in the coming months.

My wholehearted focus will be on helping Battlegrounds Mobile India and its community grow from now on.

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