“Battlegrounds Mobile India’s iOS launch might be around 8th or 9th July”: Sagar “Maxtern” Thakur shares update on BGMI app store release

agar “Maxtern” Thakur shares update on BGMI app store release
Sagar “Maxtern” Thakur shares update on BGMI app store release

Battlegrounds Mobile India has finally got its nationwide launch, and PUBG Mobile faithful are elated with how well the game has turned out.

There was a lot of speculation on what Krafton’s latest title will be like, and mobile esports enthusiasts can finally breathe a sigh of relief, as Battlegrounds Mobile India is in many ways similar to the game that they had loved and cherished for so many years.

However, in all of the good news, there is a damper, and iOS users are feeling a bit wronged by Krafton in recent times. Though the game had its official launch, much like with the beta, it only came out on Android and not on the Apple store.

Hence, there has been a lot of speculation among fans as to whether the game will make its appearance on iOS at all, and if so, what the expected date for that would be.

Sagar “Maxtern” Thakur, one of the biggest video game content creators in India, got in touch with Abhishek Mallik of Sportskeeda Esports to help abate some of the doubts within the community.

And this is what he had to say about Battlegrounds Mobile India’s launch date on iOS.

Maxtern on Battlegrounds Mobile India’s possible iOS launch date

Maxtern: As we all know, the Android beta version of Battlegrounds Mobile India has been released quite a while back; on the 17th of June if I am not mistaken.

The official nationwide access was launched just a couple of days ago, but again, that is for the Android platform alone. So there has been a lot of speculation amongst the Battlegrounds Mobile India community on when the title will finally arrive on iOS.


I want to point out that according to some rumors, it was conceived that the game would come out on iOS just days after its Android launch.

July 6th was considered to be the day for that, but as we can see, that does not seem to be the case. But if I were to take an educated guess, I would say that Battlegrounds Mobile India’s iOS launch will be around the 8th or 9th of July.

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