“Battlegrounds Mobile India will definitely be creating a significant boost for players and content creators in the nation’s mobile industry”: Asarudheen of Vaadhiyaar

Asarudheen of Vaadhiyaar
Asarudheen of Vaadhiyaar

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s official Android launch has created a lot of buzz in the nation’s mobile esports community.

The hype around Krafton’s latest title has always been at an all-time high and the community has had a lot of speculation around the type of esports scene that the game will be looking to create.

Asarudheen of Vaadhiyaar has been one of the biggest community personalities in the PUBG Mobile scene for some time now, and he is of the many who feels that Battlegrounds Mobile India will be able to create a significant boom for the mobile esports community.

In a conversation with Abhishek Mallick of Sportskeeda Esports, Asarudheen opens up about his time before Vaadhiyaar, and some of the expectations that he has from BGMI in the coming months.

Here is an excerpt of the conversation.

Q. Asarudheen, tell us a bit about your life outside your channel “Vaadhiyaar”. How did you get started and what inspired you to become such a big video games community figure in the region?

Vaadhiyaar: Before I was known for the persona of Vaadhiyaar, I used to be an IT professional with 5 years of experience.

My entry into the video games and esports industry was completely accidental, but from my very childhood, I had been incredibly fond of PC titles like FIFA, GTA, and CS: GO. as well as mobile games like Mini Militia, and Clash of Clans.

Unfortunately, college had taken a toll on my gaming life, but then I eventually made a comeback to the scene, with PUBG Mobile. I eventually quit my job because I felt that I was getting better at the game, and I was also successfully able to mentor a team while still being a professional player.

By quitting, I was no more forced to be a part of the common workforce, and I could focus on what I wanted to do, and I eventually became a community figure. I eventually got married, and that helped me get even stronger and pursue my dreams through gaming and social media platforms.

Q. You are also the co-owner of Team Tamilas and Raven Esports. Can you tell us a bit about the vision that went into these two ventures and what fans can expect from them in the coming months?

Vaadhiyaar: Raven Esports has been one of the primary gaming organizations in Tamil Nadu, and we currently have a core family strength of 60 members.

Team Tamilas, on the other hand, was the brand created around the PUBG Mobile community and what we want to achieve in the game on a national level. We eventually branched into other games like Free Fire as well.

Our Free Fire line-up is doing really well on the national level, reaching the top 12 teams in India. We are expecting them to be in the top 5 soon.

Team Tamilas will also be sporting a professional BGMI roaster, as we have recently acquired IYD esports after they have shown much promise in the game.

The next step for Team Tamilas would be to represent India on the international stage, on as many games as possible.

Q. With Battlegrounds Mobile India finally live for Android devices, how much of your expectations was it able to meet?

Vaadhiyaar: The PUBG Mobile community has been waiting for more than 10 months for the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Now that it’s finally live, we have been celebrating the game to the very core.

And even though the game needs more polishing and has some bugs, it’s still in its initial phase, and there will definitely be more fixes soon.

Q. What are some of the major differences and similarities that you noticed between Battlegrounds Mobile India and what PUBG Mobile used to be before the ban?

Vaadhiyaar: Though I did not notice much change when it comes to the gameplay aspects of BGMI when compared to PUBG Mobile, what I did see was some changes in features, that made it was more friendly to the Indian demographic.

Q. What are your thoughts on Battlegrounds Mobile India so far? What kind of boost do you feel it will bring to the Indian Mobile Esports scene?

Vaadhiyaar: Battlegrounds Mobile India is the nation’s very own game, which will come with an incredibly big platform.

Krafton has put in a lot of effort to finally bring the game to us, and I know that they realize the potential that the community has towards the game.

The players and the esports enthusiasts in the industry will definitely be getting a boost to their channels as well as a wider audience.

Q. With Skyesports coming up with the first officially licensed third-party tournament for the game called “Streamers Showdown”, what are your feelings on the org already taking a big step in helping the game grow in the region?

Vaadhiyaar: Skyesports has made the India BGMI community proud by organizing and hosting the first officially licensed third-party competition on the game.

Skyesports has always been an integral part of the gaming community, and they have successfully conducted many major events on multiple games across India.

When the Battlegrounds Mobile india launch party saw a lack of South Indian streamers and content creators, Skyesorts took it upon themselves to give them a platform and showcase their skills in the Streamers Showdown.

A big thanks to CEO Shiva Nandy for the efforts and vision he has for the gaming community.

Q. The Streamers Showdown will be a regional Invitational that will look to give the local talent a platform to shine. What do you personally think about this unique format that Skyesports was able to bring to the table?

Vaadhiyaar: As I mentioned earlier, Skyesorts taking this initiative has helped many regional content creators and streamers in South India get some reach on a national level.

The kind of exposure and the support received is humungous and heartwarming, and I want to thank Skyesports once again for this.

Q.What’s in the future like for Vaadhiyaar? What can fans expect from the channel in the coming months?

Vaadhiyaar: Whatever we have done earlier, we will be pursuing the same with BGMI. A platform for the underdogs is already on the way in the form of Vaadhiyaar Scrims, where the top qualified underdogs will be battling on a league format to win the crown of the very best.

As the event is being done in association with Challengers Esports, it will make it quite a big event in the Tamil community.

The future would be to enhance myself into upbringing underdogs, as well as establish myself on the casting and management sides of the industry.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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