How to get Tesla skins for Dacia in BGMI: All events explained

Tesla skin for Dacia in BGMI (Image via Krafton)
Tesla skin for Dacia in BGMI (Image via Krafton)

BGMI recently collaborated with popular tech giant Tesla to introduce a new game mode named the "Ignition" mode. The new mode features several technologically advanced equipment as well as new vehicles in the game.

The Tesla collaboration has also rolled out several vehicle skins that gamers can get hold of in BGMI. Various Tesla cars and Cybertruck skins are available for purchase in the game.

In order to grab these amazing in-game skins, gamers will be required to visit the Tesla Drift event. These in-game skins can be applied to Dacia and the Rony Pickup trucks.

This article aims to guide gamers on how to get hold of the Tesla Dacia skin in BGMI.

BGMI: Tesla collaboration rolls out exclusive skin for Dacia

Ever since the Telsa collaboration was rolled out in BGMI, gamers have been eager to find out the steps required to get hold of the Tesla skin for Dacia.

There are three different Tesla skins available for Dacia in BGMI:

1) Tesla Roadster (Diamond): Probably the best Tesla skin for Dacia, the Diamond variant is available for 6 Tesla Lucky Medals.

2) Tesla Roadster (Digital Water): To unlock the Digital Water Dacia skin, gamers need to spend 3 Tesla Lucky Medals.

3) Tesla Roadster (Amethyst): The pink colored variant of the Tesla skin for Dacia is available for 2 Tesla Lucky Medals in BGMI.

In order to get hold of the coveted in-game vehicle skin, gamers need to follow the steps given below:

Step 1- Navigate to the Tesla Drift event.

Step 2- Locate the Start Acceleration button and tap on it.

Step 3- After the acceleration starts, gamers will get a certain speed boost.

Step 4- Gamers should continue to accelerate speed.

Step 5- When the acceleration succeeds, gamers will be able to speed up once again.

Step 6- When the acceleration fails, the round ends.

Gamers will be required to accelerate with the help of UCs. The cost of acceleration increases with each step. The entire list of acceleration and UC is given below:

  1. Start: 60 UC
  2. Speed 1: 60 UC
  3. Speed 2: 180 UC
  4. Speed 3: 420 UC
  5. Speed 4: 600 UC
  6. Speed 5: 900 UC
  7. Speed 6: 2,900 UC
  8. Speed 7: 3,600 UC

Getting hold of the Tesla skin for Dacia is a bit costly and gamers might face some issues affording the UCs, especially during higher speeds.

Edited by Siddharth Satish
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