“I will professionally represent ForceOne X Legstump Esports when Battlegrounds Mobile India finally goes live”: Syedshabbir “Shabbir Gaming” Ahmed

ForceOne X Legstump Esports’ content creator Syedshabbir “Shabbir Gaming” Ahmed
ForceOne X Legstump Esports’ content creator Syedshabbir “Shabbir Gaming” Ahmed

The launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India is expected to bring a significant boost to the nation’s mobile esports scene.

Many former PUBG Mobile professionals are gearing up to compete in Karfton’s upcoming title when its esports scene finally takes off.

ForceOne X Legstump Esports’ content creator Syedshabbir “Shabbir Gaming” Ahmed has voiced similar desires. In an interaction with Sportskeeda Esports’ Abhishek Mallick, he voiced some of his opinions and concerns regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India’s beta.

Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Q. Shabbir, how did your career as a YouTuber start? What inspired you to upload your first video and invest a great deal of your time in creating content?

Syedshabbir: I have been passionate about gaming since my childhood. I remember playing a lot of 8-Ball when there was no PUBG Mobile. Eventually, I got good enough to top the 8-Ball servers many times.

This made me realize that I was quite skilled and capable when it came to video games, and I decided to showcase my talent on YouTube. I started by uploading content on the 8-Ball pool, and I was hardly able to achieve more than 50-100 subscribers at the time.

Fortunately, PUBG Mobile soon got released, and that’s when my career as a video game content creator started to peak.

My PUBG Mobile videos started going viral, and the community soon began to like my videos. This, in turn, motivated me to go on with my career as a content creator.

Q. What is the atmosphere like back at home? Are your parents supportive of your career as a content creator?

Syedshabbir: Like any other YouTuber, I did face a lot of difficulties when starting out. I also received a lot of hate from the toxic individuals of the community. However, I never gave up on my dream, and I continued to grind every day.

My parents were also quite supportive from the very first day that I decided to pursue content creation full-time. They always trusted me and supported me during both my good and bad times.

They are quite happy with the amount of success that I was able to garner in my channel “Shabbir Gaming.”

Q. Your channel is completely rooted in PUBG Mobile. What about Krafton’s title do you love so much that you were willing to make so many videos on it?

Syedshabbir: Indian audiences are very interested in Krafton’s titles. You can see the amount of community engagement PUBG Mobile had before the ban, as well as the hype Battlegrounds Mobile India has already created. So, I would love to start creating some content on Battlegrounds Mobile India as soon as the game goes live.

Q. When PUBG Mobile got banned from the nation, how did it impact your channel? What compromises did you have to make to be able to continue entertaining your audience?

Syedshabbir: The PUBG Mobile ban was quite difficult for all those who were dependent on the game for their livelihood, and the same goes for me as well.

The ban had a significant effect on my YouTube channel as well as my earnings. There were many challenges, but I never stopped making content. I eventually coped and came to terms with the situation that was presented in front of me.

Q. What were some of the emotions that you went through when Battlegrounds Mobile India got officially announced?

Syedshabbir: I went through a series of mixed feelings during the announcement. As I am an iOS player and BGMI is not available for the Apple Store, I was happy and sad at the same time.

However, Krafton’s title is expected to be available for the iOS platforms during its official launch, so I am very much looking forward to that.

Q. What were some of your expectations from Battlegrounds Mobile India before the early beta access went live? How much of those expectations have been met?

Syedshabbir: I was expecting Battlegrounds Mobile India to be quite similar to PUBG Mobile. After checking out the beta, it makes me quite happy to see that there have been no major gameplay changes.

However, one thing that did disappoint me about BGMI is that players will not be able to compete worldwide.

Q. Can you shed some light on some of the differences and similarities that you spotted between Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile?

Syedshabbir: From what I have seen of the beta, I found that Battlegrounds Mobile India is quite similar to PUBG Mobile in terms of game mechanisms, inventory, weapons, maps, outfits, events, etc.

Krafton was able to keep much of the core concept, but this does not necessarily mean that Battlegrounds Mobile India brings nothing new to the table.

There are few changes that a player can easily notice, like kills are now changed into finishes, age restriction policy, audio warning at the start of the game, no blood show, and many more.

Q. What are the 5 biggest takeaways for you from the Battlegrounds Mobile India beta access?

Syedshabbir: As I have already mentioned the positives that I found in the beta, I would like to mention five things that disappointed me:

  • Not being able to play with my friends outside the country.
  • Clan data not transferred
  • Friend list not transferred
  • Prior season data not transferred
  • Ranking not transferred

Q. What kind of a shift can we expect in the Indian mobile esports scene once Battlegrounds Mobile India goes live?

Syedshabbir: Battlegrounds Mobile India will aggressively grow in scale. It is sure to have a thriving esports ecosystem.

It will make a great impact because the Indian mobile esports community is still emotionally connected to PUBG Mobile. Battlegrounds Mobile India will also create a great opportunity for all YouTube content creators, including myself.

Moreover, I have also decided to compete professionally in Battlegrounds Mobile India, so I am really excited about that as well.

Q. You recently came under the wing of ForceOne x Legstump Esports. What was the transition like and what can your fans expect from the channel in the coming months?

Syedshabbir: So, I recently became a part of ForceOne X Legstump Esports. With their help, I will be looking to improve the quality of my content. I will finally be able to give the best to my audience, and the organization’s facilities will make things so much easier.

I will professionally represent the organization when Battlegrounds Mobile India finally goes live.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh
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