"Soon, the audience is going to see the upcoming video we made on PUBG New State": Glock Gaming, BGMI Mobile Creator

Glock Gaming, BGMI Mobile content creator
Glock Gaming, BGMI Mobile content creator
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The gaming industry has been one of the fastest-growing industries and gameplay videos were one of the content types that saw a dramatic rise in popularity. More than a few creators came up with some unique ideas and added tremendous diversity to the existing pool of gaming content.

One such example of that is Navdeep Dhanda aka Glock Gaming, who successfully managed to break the monotony of gaming content through his idea of creating amazing movie-based content. Sportskeeda Esports spoke to Glock Gaming, who is also one of Trinity Gaming's creators, during an exclusive interview, and below are excerpts from the conversation:

Glock Gaming talks about how he started with his journey, his future plans and his heartfelt experience about the BGMI Partner's Meet 2021.

Q. We have often seen content creators and gamers choosing catchy names for their Youtube channels, but they are often related somewhat to the name of the creator. Glock Gaming is indeed an interesting name, but we want to know the thought process behind it.

The initial reason was I got this idea through a song, many of you might know I live in Haryana. I love listening to Punjabi and Haryanvi songs and some of those songs have the name Glock in them so that was one reason. Also, as you know I have a lot of interest in games. While exploring, I stumbled upon many games which have a pistol called Glock-19, so I got a thought in my mind that why not have my gaming channel with the name Glock Gaming.

Q. In the era of gameplay videos and live streams, you have successfully managed to bring new content into the gaming space through your short movies. How did you manage to drive out your content in such a highly competitive scenario of gaming content creation?

I started this channel in April 2019. I had very high hopes for it, was fully motivated and ready to work very hard for. So, when I first started the channel, I used to upload videos on the game PUBG Mobile. I started with the videos about the game leaks and high-skill gameplay because I did not have an idea of anything else. I continued this type of content for about six to seven months and it wasn't long until I noticed my channel wasn't growing much. I realized that I need to make something unique, and after a few days of thinking, I got the idea of PUBG Mobile short movies. I began working on this content and after that, there was no turning back.


Q. Movie theme-based gaming content seems to be an out-of-the-box idea, and behind every such idea, there seems to be a back story. Would you like to enlighten the audience on how you came up with this kind of content?

Let me tell you how I got the idea of making PUBG Mobile short movies. There was a trend going on of dubbing videos and vines. I saw someone upload a funny PUBG dubbing video that gave me an idea of why not make a PUBG Mobile vines video. To my surprise, when I uploaded my first such video on YouTube, it got over 100k views within a week. This has become the first stepping stone towards my success in world gaming content creation.


Q. Your videos are based on the concept of scripting with planned shoots and storylines. Would like for us to go through your plan for the pre-production process behind every video and how long does it take to complete the full process from scripting to publishing?

I start by preparing the scripts of the videos with dialogs of all the characters who are going to be in the video, and then, I shoot the videos in-game with my crew team. After the shoot, I send the dialogs to the ones who do the voiceovers for all the characters, following which, I begin editing the video. This whole process takes about 3-4 days to complete before my subscribers get to see the completed video.

Q. Everyone has that one memory about their first success when they start with their journey, what is yours? What was the reaction from your friends and family when you achieved your first milestone in your YouTube journey?

My first success was through my first short film video which hit 100k views, and then, the journey went on, I told my friends about the channel before family. I told my family about the channel after hitting 100k subs and getting my first payment. My friends and family have always been supportive since then.

Q. Every creator starts with their journey to reach one final dream to achieve. What was your target milestone when you started with your gaming content creation? Are you planning to diversify or upgrade your content to a much higher level in the near future? If so, our audience would love to have a sneak peek at what’s coming up next.

When I started my gaming channel, I had many dreams and milestones. First, of getting 100k subscribers. I did it in two months after starting short movies. Yes, we are going to upgrade our content. Right nowm I can't reveal much but let me give you a small sneak peek that we are going to make 3D content and there are many more plans, so be ready for one more revolution.

Q. PUBG New State has been released with the concept of a futuristic setting. Are you looking forward to creating new content in the game and creating your next script based on a futuristic storyline? Have you already planned a script on what your audience is going to see next?

As you all know, PUBG New State is the most awaited game with the concept of futuristic settings like better graphics, better textures and lighting. We are looking forward to creating new content on PUBG New State and the script is also planned. Soon the audience is going to see the upcoming video we made on PUBG New State.

Talking about my thoughts on the game; the graphics are better and almost feels like we are playing the PC version of PUBG. Not denying the fact that it will also take a lot of practice to get used to the game because the character movement is a bit slower than BGMI. I liked the game, however, since it has just launched, there may be some bugs here and there but they should be fixed soon.

Q. You recently went to BGMI Partners Meet 2021. How was your experience throughout the trip? Would you like you open up your box of cherished memories and tell us some of your favorite ones?

My experience was awesome. I couldn't express it in words. It was like a dream come true. I met many big content creators there like Dynamo Gaming, Mortal, Thug and many more. I met many streamers who I had till then, only seen on their live streams. I was very happy to meet them face to face. We all had a great time. My favorite things we did there were:


There was the Mirchi Challenge, which was played by some YouTubers, and it was fun to watch. There was a cricket match as well, although we cheated, which surprisingly added a lot of fun during the experience. And the last night of the meetup, there was a party with traditional music. We all danced and enjoyed that night. It was one of the best moments in my life.

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