Top 5 tips to fix low FPS issues in Battlegrounds Mobile India

FPS issues in Battlegrounds Mobile India (Image via BGMI)
FPS issues in Battlegrounds Mobile India (Image via BGMI)

Krafton Inc. recently put out the Early Access of Battlegrounds Mobile India. PUBG Mobile fans have been engaging in the Battle Royale title to grab a taste of the Chicken Dinner ever since.

Battlegrounds Mobile India has been developed exclusively for the Indian gaming community, with dedicated servers installed to cater to it. Due to these reasons, players have experienced a higher FPS compared to PUBG Mobile's global version.

However, even after installing dedicated servers, several gamers have complained about lower frame rates in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Tips to fix low FPS issues

1) Restrict background apps

Battlegrounds Mobile India requires a proper internet connection to run seamlessly. Any interruption will hamper the gameplay and can even disconnect gamers from any ongoing game.

Several applications keep running in the background, which use mobile data to function properly, seeing gamers experience a drop in the frame rate. Those with low RAM are advised to disable these background applications before entering Battlegrounds Mobile India.

2) Deleting cache

Gamers are always advised to free up device space by deleting the cache memory.

Those who regularly clear the cache will experience smoother gameplay and higher frame rates in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

3) WiFi over cellular data

Most gamers experience a lower frame rate due to their cellular data connection. As mentioned above, Battlegrounds Mobile India requires a stable internet connection. Gamers often experience a sudden drop in cellular internet connectivity that significantly affects in-game performance.

On the other hand, WiFi provides gamers with better bandwidth and proper connection compared to cellular networks. Users experience better frame rates with WiFi than with mobile data.

4) Changing graphic settings

Graphical settings are an integral part of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Gamers tend to use a higher visual output to ensure a more realistic gaming experience. However, devices with low memory and RAM face significant issues while running the game with such settings.

Therefore, players are advised to lower the graphics settings of Battlegrounds Mobile India to achieve a higher frame rate in-game.

5) Switch off auto-update from the Google Play Store

Users can switch off the auto-update feature (Image via businessinsider)
Users can switch off the auto-update feature (Image via businessinsider)

The auto-update option is beneficial as it automatically downloads updates of the various applications present on the device. However, this option can cause a lot of issues when gamers are playing Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Auto-updates take up significant amounts of data and therefore cause frame rates to drop significantly in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Therefore, gamers are advised to switch off the auto-update function on their Google Play Store accounts before entering a match in BGMI.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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