2022 Mr. Olympia winners earn over $1.5 million in prizes: Payouts explored

Mr. Olympia 2022 Mens Open Category
Mr. Olympia 2022 Mens Open Category

Joe Weider's Mr. Olympia competition has ended, and several surprises have come along the way. Whether it be Big Ramy's upsetting defeat or Chris Bumstead's charming win, all the winners received their sum of prize money. But it was Hadi Choopan who took home the biggest reward.

Hadi Choopan won the 58th edition of Joe Weider's Mr. Olympia competition in 2022, taking home a $400,000 cheque as the new winner. Ten other winners from different divisions were crowned throughout the two days of the competition, and each one received a sizable award.

Shaun Clarida, a two-time Olympia 212 champion, retained the championship he had previously lost and took home $50,000.

Division-wise Mr. Olympia prize money distribution

The 2022 Mr. Olympia winner received a heft sum of $1.5 million in total. Mr. Olympia Men's Open Category received the largest prize.

Mr. Olympia 2022 Open Category Prize Money

Hadi Choopan, Derek Lunsford, and Nick Walker were in a tight three-person battle in the finals. Although many thought Lunsford's performance was among the most startling of the year, in the end, he could not match Choopan's fitness and attention to detail.

Standing PositionNameAmount
First PositionHadi Choopan$400,000
Second PositionDerek Lunsford$150,000
Third PositionNick Walker$100,000
Fourth PositionBrandon Curry$40,000
Fifth PositionBig Ramy$35,000

212 Mr. Olympia 2022 Prize Money

Shaun Clarida, a former Olympia 212 champion from 2020, appeared at his best. He crushed the competition and virtually eliminated any possibility of skepticism.

Standing PositionNameAmount
First PositionShaun Clarida$50,000
Second PositionAngel Calderon Frias$20,000
Third PositionKamal Elgargni$10,000
Fourth PositionAhmad Ashkanani$6,000
Fifth PositionOly Kryvyi$4,000

Classic Physique Olympia 2022 Prize Money

While Ramon Rocha Queiroz of Brazil was pushed at times during the competition, Chris Bumstead prevailed for the most part. However, it was difficult to overlook the density and complexity of 'Cbum's' body.

Standing PositionNameAmount
First PositionChris Bumstead $50,000
Second PositionRamon Rocha Querioz$20,000
Third PositionUrs Kalecinski$10,000
Fourth PositionBreon Ansley$6,000
Fifth PositionMike Sommerfeld$4,000

Men's Physique Olympia 2022 Prize Money

One of the great surprises of the evening was the result. Many spectators thought three-time Men's Physique Olympian Brandon Hendrickson would successfully defend his championship. However, the former champion was solely defeated by Erin Banks' meticulous and muscular back.

Standing PositionNameAmount
First PositionErin Banks$50,000
Second PositionBrandon Hendrickson$20,000
Third PositionDiogo Montenegro$10,000
Fourth PositionCharjo Grant$6,000
Fifth PositionEdvan Palmeira$4,000

Ms. Olympia 2022 Prize Money

Andrea Shaw presented another stunning body while dealing with Angela Yeo's little opposition. Throughout the finals, Shaw solidified her position as the undisputed champion, nevertheless.

Standing PositionNameAmount
First PositionAndrea Shaw$50,000
Second PositionJennifer Dorie$20,000
Third PositionHelle Trevino$12,000
Fourth PositionMargie Martin$7,000
Fifth PositionBranka Njegovic$6,000

Figure Olympia 2022 Prize Money

Cydney Gillon performed flawlessly, much like Shaw. With one of her best appearances, she easily won her sixth Figure Olympia gold.

Standing PositionNameAmount
First PositionCydney Gillon$50,000
Second PositionJessica Reyes Padilla$20,000
Third PositionLola Montez $12,000
Fourth PositionJossie Alarcon Becerra$7,000
Fifth PositionNatalia Soltero$6,000

Women's Fitness Olympia 2022 Prize Money

Following a stunning solo act in which they appeared to be a shark, Missy Truscott and Jaclyn Baker competed for gold. Despite the tight race, Truscott won her second Fitness Olympia medal.

Standing PositionNameAmount
First Position Missy Truscott$50,000
Second PositionJaclyn Baker$20,000
Third PositionAriel Khadr$12,000
Fourth PositionSara Kovach$7,000
Fifth PositionMichelle Fredua-Mensah$6,000

Women's Physique Olympia 2022 Prize Money

Many considered Sarah Villegas and Natalia Abraham Coelho the front-runners going into the finals. To many people's surprise, Coelho succeeded as a better-conditioned athlete.

Standing PositionNameAmount
First PositionNatalia Abraham Coelho$50,000
Second PositionSarah Villegas$20,000
Third PositionBrooke Walker$12,000
Fourth PositionBarbara Menage$7,000
Fifth PositionIvie Rhein$6,000

Bikini Olympia 2022 Prize Money

The Bikini title was exchanged at the Olympia, as is traditional in the sport. The 2021 champion, Jennifer Dorie, tried to defend her title, but she could not stop Maureen Blanquisco's advancement.

Standing PositionNameAmount
First PositionMaureen Blanquisco$50,000
Second PositionJennifer Dorie$20,000
Third PositionAshley Kaltwasser$12,000
Fourth PositionDaraja Hill$7,000
Fifth PositionLauralie Chapados$6,000

Wellness Olympia 2022 Prize Money

Francielle Mattos was up against a formidable opponent in Isabelle Nunes. Mattos achieved a great height by winning numerous championships in the wellness division. She became the only athlete to hold multiple titles in history.

Standing PositionNameAmount
First PositionFrancielle Mattos$50,000
Second PositionIsabelle Nunes$20,000
Third PositionAngela Borges$12,000
Fourth PositionKassandra Gillis$7,000
Fifth PositionRayane Fogal de Souza Santana$6,000

2022 Men's Wheelchair Olympia Prize Money

Harold "King Kong" Kelley resumed his previous course of action. While a few of the rivals came forth with great performances, the weekend saw Kelley dominate. He won his sixth championship in the competition.

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