5 amazing boxers who won gold at the Olympics

Boxing is one of the most awaited events in the Olympics, year after year
Riju Dasgupta

Boxing is a sport with a rich and storied tradition. Several gold medal winners at the Olympics went on to have great professional careers, and their achievements at the Olympic Games are sometimes overlooked for what they’ve achieved subsequently. We look at 5 Olympic gold medalists and their achievements in this piece. Men who’ve been immortalized by their strikes, blows and quickness within the boxing ring. Men who’ve brought pride, honour, glory and happiness to millions in their country.

#5 Sugar Ray Leonard 

Before he won 9 world titles, Leonard won gold at the 1976 Montreal Olympics

Boxing fans recognize Sugar Ray Leonard as one of the greatest professional boxers of all time. But prior to his pro career, Leonard was a celebrated amateur boxer, with several accolades in the sphere of professional boxing. As a member of the US Dream Team at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, he represented his country as a light welterweight boxer. He won his first 4 bouts with 5-0 decisions. In the semi-final, he squared off against the deadly Kazimierz Szczerba and won comprehensively with a 5-0 decision.

In the finals, he faced legendary knockout artist from Cuba - Andrés Aldama, and scored a 5-0 victory there as well. After winning gold, Leonard said he’s done with boxing and wished to attend the University of Maryland on a scholarship. But after he was offered an opportunity to go pro, he decided to do so, in a decision that's definitely paid off well for him. 

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