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5 greatest fights from Muhammad Ali’s illustrious career

The best fights of one of the greatest boxers ever.

Top 5 / Top 10 04 Jun 2016, 17:33 IST

2) Ali vs. Joe Frazier aka Thrilla in Manila (1 October 1975)

Ali and Frazier during their exhausting Manila match

Ali and Frazier – two magnificent opponents – had faced each other twice before, but the third and final bout between them will arguably be their most memorable encounter. Frazier and Ali had both taken turns in triumphing over each other and were eager to prove who was superior once and for all.

Taking place in tropical Manila, the fight began at nearly 11 am in order to accommodate US broadcasters. Both the opponents faced a common enemy in the form of the scorching Manila heat and gave everything they had with neither gaining the upper hand.

The slugfest went on for 14 brutal rounds until Frazier, urged by his trainer Eddie Futch, reluctantly threw in the towel. Ali was a changed man after the fight and went through ten more bouts before hanging up his gloves.

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