Ailing Asian Games gold medallist Dingko Singh denied entry at AIIMS hospital

Dingko Singh with his gold medal in Bangkok

If you were a keen follower of sport during the 90’s, the name Dingko Singh might ring a bell. Far away from the glitzy lights of professional boxing, the Manipur born pugilist was brought up in an orphanage, before fighting his way through adversities, and eventually brining laurels for his country, during a time when the cricket team failed to even register a score of 200 on a consistent basis. However, it now seems like we as a nation have forgotten his heroic efforts on a sultry night in Bangkok.

Speaking exclusively to Sportskeeda, Dingko said, “I have been suffering from Hepatitis for the past two years, I requested all the top city hospitals here in New Delhi. Other hospitals such as Gangaram as well, but they denied me entry. The Sports Authority of India (SAI), where I currently work, gave me Rs 50,000 for treatment, still they didn’t let me enter. Thankfully my cousin has come from Imphal to help me, otherwise I would in some serious trouble as I’m not being able to travel short distances, it’s leading to breathlessness.”

One Manipuri doctor, who recognised thhe 37-year old outside the hospital, immediately rushed to his aid. However, Dingko is still unsure whether his treatment will continue or not. He added, “I waited for 10 days before a guardian angle in this doctor saw my state and let me enter. He subsidised everything for me, but still I’m unsure whether my treatment will be complete because I don’t have enough money. If it wasn't for this doctor, I wouldn’t have even been given the chance get myself treated, this despite the fact that I told them what I had done in 1998.”

Currently working as the Assistant Director of SAI in Imphal, Dingko’s salary has not been sufficient enough for the treatment. He added, “I was outside this hospital for hours, requesting them to let me get treatment. But, they kept saying Rs 50,000 isn’t enough, shouldn’t they be a bit more considerate with a Padma Shri? It’s not like I wouldn’t pay it, once I got the money, I would give it to them immediately.”

Some of Dingko’s well wishers are attempting to raise enough funds so that he can complete his full treatment. Dingko added, “I have no idea what will happen, I just want to get healed and start working for sports back home.”

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